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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Flooring Professional

Whether you’re building a home or remodeling, you’ll want to hire an expert to install your floor. After all, it is part of the foundation of your house.

You’ll want to call around and get quotes from at least three different flooring contractors. Here are a few important questions to assist in guiding you through the process.

Question 1: Do you have a license and liability & workman’s comp insurance?

These are a basic necessity of any home professional. Established credentials creates trustworthiness and, if anything goes wrong, you wont’ have to pay out of pocket for their mistakes. Ask to see a copy of their credentials and check that it is current.

Question 2: Will you be calling in other professionals to help with different parts of the job?

A flooring contractor should take care of the floor and leave the plumbing to the plumber and the electric to the electrician. There are some jobs in flooring that require different skill sets from flooring. A mistake in either of these areas could be costly and even dangerous. Make sure your flooring expert will be using other professionals if the job calls for it, and that those professionals are also licensed and insured.

Question 3: Will you provide an upfront cost estimate and a time-frame for the job?

Your flooring professional should be able to provide you with a written estimate on all your costs including cost of materials and machinery. Some machinery is more expensive for you so be sure to ask them about all your options. And, of course, they should be able to give you a time-frame. Sometimes they can’t predict things such as poor flooring from past contractors, mold, pests, etc. that may need more work and would require more money and time. But if they’re as upfront as possible with you from the beginning, that’s a good sign.

Question 4: How will you contain dust and keep the area clean?

It’s a relief if your professionals will clean up after themselves. Ask them about how they intend to contain dust and protect the surrounding furniture. How much do you need to move out of a room in order for them to install the flooring? Many quality flooring professionals have dustless machines that can keep things cleaner though it may cost you more. Explore your options with your professional so that you can get the best deal for your circumstances.

Question 5: Referrals?

As with any professional you are looking to hire, do your online research. See what their reviews are and what their customers are saying about them. Additionally, ask the flooring professional for references. They should be able to show you reviews or direct you to online sources for reviews. Always do your research before making a final decision on who to hire.

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