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How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can be one of the most inviting parts of your home. Both beautiful and durable, wood flooring can last for decades when properly maintained. Let us help you know how to clean and maintain the hardwoods in your home.

If you own hardwood floors, you’re going to need to know how to take care of these beauties. Treat them well, and they’ll continue to serve you and yours throughout the years.

Routine Cleaning

cleaning the hardwood floors

First off, keeping your hardwood floor clean from dirt and debris will go a long way with protecting them from aging. Make sure to routinely pick up, or sweep up, things that can scratch your floor, such as dust, hair, debris, dirt, rocks, etc.. By removing these things from the hardwoods as quickly as possible, your hardwood flooring is less likely to get scratched and torn, meaning the protective varnish will continue to do its job without exposing the wood itself to damage. 

To remove these harmful, yet regularly occurring substances, use a dust mop or vacuum. If you use a vacuum, do not use anything with the beater bar attachment as that can cause damage to your floor. Instead, use the floor brush attachment.

Once you’ve swept up or vacuumed the top-level of debris, you’ll also want to more thoroughly clean your hardwood floors. Start by soaking and ringing a sponge mop/wash cloth through a cleaning solution. Make sure to wring it out enough that it’s damp and not sopping wet, as too much water can be counterproductive for your hardwood floor. And always make sure to wipe up excess water as you go. Then mop the floor with a damp cloth/sponge mop (no cleaning solution added) again to ensure there is no left over cleaning solution on the floor and that the hardwood flooring has no standing water.

Routine Repair

repairing the hardwoord floors

Keeping up with repairs is part of maintaining a beautiful hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are generally quite resilient and do not require much maintenance outside of regularly coating the floor with a protective varnish.

There may be times, however, when your hardwood floor needs more than an extra coat of varnish. Some of these can be easy fixes done by you: for example, after you have cleaned the hardwoods, you can often repair scratches by taking a crayon the same color as the wood and rubbing it in the gap until it’s filled. This is done by heating the crayon wax with a blow dryer on high, and then buffing it with a soft rag. Alternatively, you can always buy wood putty from your local hardware store, which provides a similar, albeit more professional approach.

Prevent unnecessary scratching and damage with large, beautiful rugs, floor protectors for furniture, and be sure to keep your hardwood floors clean and wiped up.Treat your beautiful hardwood floors well, and they’ll be looking great for years.

Switching to Hardwoods

hardwood floors in a home

Some people, especially those living in older homes, may already have hardwoods that they don’t even know about. These are often hidden under carpet, linoleum, or other flooring that has been simply put overtop the original hardwood flooring. When discovering hardwoods you will want to contact the professionals in order to have them restored and/or repaired accordingly. This will ensure that your newly discovered hardwoods are ready to go and made to last.

For those who don’t strike gold and want to switch their existing flooring to hardwoods, this can be a great idea. It will not only increase the value of your home, but hardwood floors will often last longer and be easier to maintain, yes even with the constant sweeping, than many other types of flooring. Spilling a pitcher of Kool-Aid on the hardwoods is a small matter when compared to re-carpeting an entire dining area.

If you are interested in knowing more about installing hardwood flooring in your home, fill out the contact form below, and we will provide you with some more information so you can decide whether or not it is the right thing for you and your home.

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  1. I have hardwood floors in kitchen. lt looks like they were waxed and now there is resedue around the edges. They finishing still looks good. l just would like to remove the wax. How can l remove the wax without damaging the finished coat.

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