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Do I DIY Flooring Installation?

To do or not to do…to vaguely reference a famous poet who touched on so many deep, human questions. And speaking of deep questions, you may have been thinking over if you should try to install your new flooring project yourself, or if you should hire a professional.

You may be wondering if you should try to install your new flooring project yourself, or if you should hire a professional.

Just a guess.

Both are possible, and could be good choices depending on your personal experience, knowledge, and budget.

Here are a few things to consider before you make your final decision.

DIY—I Have The Know Hows

DIY flooring is possible, especially if you have the correct tools and knowledge for the project.

Laminate flooring is the type of installation that experts will say you can attempt on your own. It’s an easy material to work with. However, most professionals will discourage homeowners from taking on big tiling projects and will definitely steer them away from hardwood flooring.

Why? Simply because these materials are much more difficult to work with and need more special tools and prep to get done right.

So, depending on how big your project is, what kind of materials you’re working with, and what kind of experience/knowledge you have, you may want to try DIY. But you’d have to work out how much everything is either way, and then decide which option is worth it for you.

Here are some reasons you might want to DIY:

  • You’re a professional, and you know what you’re doing
  • You want to make it a learning experience and have time to research
  • You’re good with hands-on projects
  • You have the time
  • You already have all the tools
  • You can get materials discounted at a really good rate
    It’s a small project (covers a small area so if mistakes are made it’s not costly)

Keep in mind that though you might save on professional labor, you still have to buy materials, shipping costs, tools, and of course you’re paying with your time. Additionally, you won’t necessarily have warranties on material and labor. Mistakes in your project could be pricey, and may cost you more than if you’d gone with a professional in the first place.

It’s very possible to do an excellent job at a flooring DIY project. Just make sure to do your research, work out how much each option will cost, evaluate your skill level, and then make a decision.

Professional—Knowledge And Experience

Hiring a flooring professional for your next project might be a good idea—especially if you’re working with tile or hardwood.

Flooring professionals already have the right tools, often get their materials discounted (which lowers prices for you), and have all the knowledge and training needed to do a beautiful job with your floor.

Additionally, you can still cut costs even if you hire a professional. Doing some DIY before professionals come can go a long way in cutting down your labor costs (where most your money will go). Moving furniture, covering cabinets, ripping up the floor yourself, and cleaning up afterwards are all DIY tactics that can save you money, but you still get the professional work done.

Here are some good reasons to hire a flooring professional:

  • You want to save time
  • You want the financial security of knowing the job will be done very well
  • You want the warranties if something goes wrong in the installation or with labor
  • You want to feel secure knowing that you won’t be responsible for costly mistakes
  • You want long-lasting, quality flooring

What matters is that you are pleased with the results. If that’s DIY for you after your research, then save some money installing the floor yourself. If a professional is the right way for you, then do your research to hire your best flooring expert.

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