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Find The Best Carpet For Your Lifestyle

What’s the best carpet for your lifestyle?

Carpet isn’t like paint where you can change it around to fit your moods or trends very easily at all.

It’s actually a pretty big decision.

Kids? Pets? Just you? Here’s how you find the best carpet for your lifestyle.

Choose an option below that fits you and check out the recommended carpet.


Breakfast bowl with fruit

No kids and no pets? Then go for luxury.

Soft Nylon is so soft it feels like silk. You’d definitely feel like royalty.

But like most soft things, it’s more likely to show prints and marks from vacuuming. You also can’t use just any vacuum on this baby. It would probably have too much suction.

Wool is long-lasting, beautiful, and natural. It also naturally resists many types of stains and even fire.

Because it is natural, you may be dealing with some color changes and shedding. And it can be quite pricey. And as most luxurious items, it can be a little fussy.

But if you can afford this, you can definitely afford to have it professionally cleaned.

Are these the best carpets for your lifestyle?


Friendly pet cat

Polyester carpets are a popular choice for people with kids and who need durable and affordable carpet.

It is very stain resistant and new types of polyester carpeting is softer than older versions. It’s also very strong and quite affordable.

However high-traffic areas such as living rooms can lead to tangling and matting. Best keep this carpet in bedrooms.

And if you have pets, don’t buy looped carpet. They love getting their claws in there and snagging the carpet.

Is this the best carpet for your lifestyle?

Family-Oriented With A Leaning To Luxury

Toddler with toy car

Nylon (not to be mistaken for luxurious Soft Nylon) is very durable and strong and stain resistant. It’s probably the most durable carpet.  

Nylon doesn’t get matted down as much as polyester and it’s easy to clean. So it’s great for high-traffic areas.

Nylon carpets can also be dyed which is great for exact matching your home exactly.

Homeowners love the way it looks and it stays looking new for years.

It’s also affordable to middle-range in cost making it ideal for a wider range of homeowners.

It’s easy to clean but it must be cleaned often and may have some issues with fading.

Is this the best carpet for your lifestyle?

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