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How To Fix Your Squeaky Floors

Squeaky floors can really start to get annoying.

When you walk across the floor, over time, the subflooring can get squeaky as nails and screws become loose from the joists or run against joists.

You have a couple options, hire a pro or try to fix the squeaky floor yourself.

If you hire a professional contractor, they can secure the subflooring under your floor, then reinstall the carpeting/flooring after they are done.

You could expect to pay your contractors around $30-40/hour plus whatever materials cost for this job.

Which isn’t too shabby considering squeaky floors can be annoying and it may not even be a big job.

In order to do this yourself, you would need an unfinished basement that you could then use shims between the sub-flooring and joists and secure it with construction adhesive.

Shims are just thin pieces of wood you wedge between these parts that can reduce the friction and squeaking you’re hearing.

If you have a hardwood floor you may be able to use trim head screws to attach the floor and subflooring together. Use putty that matches the hardwood so you can hide the heads.

You could also use long finish nail to connect the joist to the floor, keeping them still.

Either way, as long as you can maintain your sanity and stop your squeaky floors, it’s a win, right?

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