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Top 5 Myths About Hardwood Floors You Shouldn’t Believe

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous, classic foundation of any home. But many homeowners avoid installing hardwood for reasons that are founded on myths. Are you missing out too?

Are you one of these homeowners? If so, maybe our list of the top 5 debunked hardwood floor myths will give you some peace of mind.

Myth #1: Hardwood floors are expensive.

While wood floors cost more initially, they last much longer than other floors. Over the long-game, hardwood flooring is very cost-effective and affordable.

Most other floors need to be replaced up to 10x more often than wood floors. Which usually adds up to much more than paying for hardwood floors once.

When they are properly maintained and cared for, hardwood floors is very affordable and a great investment.

Myth #2: Hardwood floors are hard to maintain.

 Hardwood floors are actually very easy to maintain.

You just have to make an effort to take care of them. All you need to do is sweep with a dust mop. If you choose to vacuum, make sure the beater bar is off and use the soft floor-brush attachment. You can fill in gaps or scratches yourself usually.

Your installer will recommend a floor cleaner for you to use when your hardwood starts looking dull. If you forget, you can always talk to your local flooring professional for suggestions.

Avoid using wet and steam mops. The excess water is terrible for your hardwood floor. Always pick up spills or standing liquid immediately. If you let it sit, it will eventually warp your wood.

Additionally, many homeowners believe that hardwood floors would be impossible to maintain with pets or children. However, wood floors are very durable. Different woods have different levels or hardness and durability. Simply ask your flooring professional which level on the Janka scale would fit your lifestyle. Also, the finish on your floor is very helpful in reducing wear and tear.

So, don’t let your lifestyle deter you, your hardwood floors can handle a whole lot.

Myth #3: Wood floors get dirtier than other floors.

 Hardwood floors actually just show dirt and dust a little better than other floors. They don’t get dirtier. Think that’s undesirable?

Actually, it’s really helpful to see that. Hardwood floors harbors less mold, animal dander, dust, dirt, etc. It’s easy to locate and clean up. This means your indoor air quality improves and allergy sufferers have less of a struggle in their own home.

Myth #4: Hardwood floors are cold.

Wood floors are actually great insulators. It’s 10x more insulating than aluminum or steel, and it’s 5x more insulating than concrete.

Your hardwood floors will retain warmth from your HVAC systems, which in turn will make your home warmer.

Myth #5: Engineered hardwood floors are fake wood floors.

 Engineered hardwood is real wood. The only non-wood materials it has are the adhesives that bind the veneers together, and the finish applied to the top veneer (used to protect the wood).

Both solid hardwood floors and engineered wood floors are made with real wood. And, more importantly, they look the same when they’re installed.

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