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Homeowner Adventures: What’s Lurking Underneath Your Floor Boards?

Even if you professionally clean your floors, mold and other nasty problems can lurk under your floor. It's important to check for these issues before they become health hazards.

We recently bought an older home. It’s so beautiful, but I didn’t realize the state the wood floors were in until the other family had moved out. It was original wood (almost 100 years old). I didn’t want to rip it up even though it was bleached from the sun and a little rough for wear.

I thought maybe a little sanding and stain could help, but the floor had been over-sanded and it was warping in areas from sitting water. Ugh! So frustrating. Though we had not expected to re-do the floors, we still loved the house enough that we figured we’d deal with it.

So we decided to rip up to boards and hire a great professional. (Thanks, Home Professionals.)

So, we rip them up. I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that there was mold underneath. Ewwww. Now I’m really glad we got rid of the floor.

We happen to know the people we bought the house from, so I asked them if they had any ailments from living with the mold. One of them did mention waking up with a tight chest and congestion, which is a common symptom if you have mold in your home.

The thing is, this cute family is clean. But with a lot of kids and a busy schedule the floor just wasn’t a priority all the time. Water got under there. And once you have mold, it’s really hard to get rid of without some professional cleaning.

You do NOT want to live with mold. If you’re curious, whether you have hardwood floors or carpet or tile (whatever!), tear up a little bit and make sure. Still having problems? It may be in the walls. If that’s the case, you definitely want some professional help getting that junk out of there.

For our new boards, we went lighter and wider, as that look is in now anyways and I do like it better. I’m so glad we didn’t get all moved in only to start having health problems. We would have had to move out of rooms one by one to re-do the flooring.

Moral of the story: Double check your floors before you move in. Check for mold under your floor. And lastly, get professional help for a clean, flawless finish.

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