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5 HVAC Sounds You Absolutely Don’t Want To Hear

Speak your HVAC system's language and get it the help it needs today.

Your HVAC system might be talking to you.

Giving you little warning sounds before a bigger problem presents itself.

No matter how old or new your HVAC system is, it is just as capable as anything else to have minor and major issues.

A great way to stay ahead of these problems is to keep your HVAC system maintained once or twice a year by a professional. This should keep your system healthy and running smoothly.

However, there are HVAC sounds you should definitely get checked out if they start–whether you’ve had your system serviced or not.

Almost all HVAC system issues should be addressed by a professional, as your HVAC system is very sensitive and can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

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1. Loud Rattling, Banging, and Thumping HVAC Sounds

Sound like this usually means there is a problem with the blower assembly or motor.

Shut your system off if you hear loud banging sounds when the blower runs. This usually means something has broken or has become disjointed. Maybe the blower is out of alignment.

Rattling usually means something in your HVAC system is coming loose. And it can come from motor bearings which should be seen and serviced by a HVAC Pro.

2. Screeching and Moaning HVAC Sounds

It’s not a ghost.

Squealing noises can mean that your blower motor has motor bearing issues or a bad belt. Bad belts are an affordable fix and, without them, your blower won’t work.

Sometimes your system and blower needs lubricant and this can solve screeching noises with your system. It’s important the correct oil is used to lubricate your motor. Many common lubricators like WD-40 are not enough for your motor.

3. Repetitious Clicking Noises HVAC Sounds

This is different from the common (and totally fine) click that happens when your HVAC system turns and and off.

When you get repeated clicks in a row, that can mean you have a defective relay.

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4. Thwaps and Slaps HVAC Sounds

Fast slapping or thwaping sounds when your blower is running usually means something is stuck in the blades of the blower. This object can wear your motor our faster than it should.

So it’s best to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

5. Rattling, Squealing, And Humming Around Your Fan Or Compressor Outside

Your fan shouldn’t rattle in your compressor.

If there is rattling, your motor may be failing or there may be parts of your system that are loose.

While an initial squeal when your HVAC system starts is normal, but if it continues there is an issue that needs addressing.

And humming? That could mean your capacitor is starting to fail or that you have a bad motor.

How Home Professionals Can Connect You To The Help You Need Today For All Those HVAC Sounds

If you’re experiencing any of these sounds, it’s time to call around and get those quotes.

It’s better to address these issues quickly before they become bigger problems or even a danger.

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