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5 Easy Low-Cost Ways To Do Home Automation In An Afternoon

Want a smart home without the price tag? Here are 5 easy ways you can do home automation on a budget.

Home automation can reduce your electricity bills and increase your comfort of living. But it may come with a large price tag.

Instead of investing in full home automation up front, start out with these budget-friendly, easy home automation devices. You can build up to full home automation over time.

1.Wink Hub: A Budget Hub That’s Actually Worth It

Hubs may be the heartbeat of your home automation system, but they can be very pricey. The Wink hub is an easy, budget-friendly hub you can install yourself.

The Wink hub is simple enough, but it connects all your lighting, security, thermostats, etc. the same as more expensive hubs. It also supports the major platforms such as Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

The Wink Hub comes in at around $69—a great price for affordable home automation.

2.EZVIZ Mini O:The Affordable Security Camera

Security cameras may come with a large price tag—depending on what you need it to do and what kind of perks you want along with them. So start simple and don’t break the bank on cameras alone.

There are a few options out there, but we like the EZVIZ Mini O security camera. This small camera records at 720p, has night vision, two-way audio, wind-angle lens, and a magnetic stand.

That means this little number is loaded for its tiny price tag of 59.00. A very small price to pay for your home safety.

3.Lighting: Always A Good Place To Start

 Lighting can be incredibly budget-friendly, and it’s a change that you can start seeing energy cost reductions in soon after installation.

Check out this WeMo LED Lighting kit. For under $50 (note: prices have fluctuated since it has become more popular), you can turn your lights off and on, dim lights, create a lighting schedule that works for you, and set your lights to turn off or dim at certain times all with your home Wi-Fi network.

We all forget to turn off lights from time to time, which can be a big money waster. Starting off with a kit like this can help you save money and get you started on being more energy efficient.

4.Smart Plugs: Often Overlooked But Important

With a smart plug, you can control your devices via your smartphone anywhere you have internet. You can schedule your plugs to turn on/off lights at certain times. This can be helpful with home security when you want it to look like someone is home.

The TP Link Wi-FI smart plug does all these things and it even has voice control activation that you can connect to your echo dot or other compatible hub. And it’s only $29. Absolutely budget-friendly.

5.Smart Thermostat: More Budget Friendly Than You Think

This is the most expensive piece of equipment on our budget-friendly list for home automation, but it’s still very affordable if you’re pacing yourself right.

Smart thermostats are an important part of home automation because of how energy efficient and cost-effective they can be.

At $169, the Ecobee 3 Lite is a nice, affordable thermostat that comes with plenty of the bells and whistles you’d expect. You can schedule your temperature setting for when you’re home and when you leave for the day. Using local weather reports, you can optimize your inside temperature according to the day.

You may want to buy separate room temperature sensors so you can keep track of where you’re coldest or warmest—making adjustments as necessary.

The Ecobee 3 Lite also connects with many different hubs, but be sure it connects with your specific hub (as always and with any smart home equipment) before you buy.

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