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The Complete Guide To Starting Your Smart Home This Year

Do you feel like you’re living in an episode of the Flintstones while your neighbors are jetting off with the Jetsons?

It might be time to upgrade your home into a smart home.

Many families are transitioning their homes with new smart tech. But it doesn’t need to be all at once.

Most of them upgrade simply overtime until they reach smart home status.

Smart homes are the future.

Home automation saves homeowners money on energy bills, reduces your carbon footprint, and makes your life thousands of times easier.

And these savings and creature comforts are very accessible to you now more than ever.

What if I have an older home?

While many new homes are built with smart home hubs and connections, older homes have to get a little more creative.

But that in no way means that it’s difficult or impossible.

In fact, it’s easier to take home automation one step at a time.

What is home automation?

Smart home or home automation (pretty much the same thing) might seem like a broad or intimidating category.

In fact, many homeowners aren’t sure what home automation is. That’s totally understandable; and we can clear things up right now.

Think of smart home as the term that covers your entire smart-tech system. This system has different equipment (like cameras or sensors) that you control with your hub and your smart phone.

Your smart home system, once all integrated can be scheduled to do things automatically or by voice command.

Your home automation will “smarten” up your home with remote control lighting, heating/cooling, entertainment, ovens, camera systems, security, fire alarms, and so much more.

A smart home is a home that gives you power and security over your homes while you are at work, out of town, or if you need to check on the kids and nanny during your work day.

All smart tech in your system can be controlled remotely, via computer, smart phone, iPad, etc., whether you’re at home or abroad.

How can I use smart home tech to my advantage?


There are thousands of different ways you may want to use your smart home tech.

You can take advantage of solar power during the height of the day by running your washer, dish washer, or ac just by the push of a button on your iPad or computer.

You don’t have to be home. You could be out running errands, at work, or on vacation.

Being able to utilize your energy like this creates instant energy and financial savings.

Worried about CO2 leaks, fires, flooding, burglary?

Home automation has the ability to keep you tuned in with your house at all times of the day/night and while you’re away.

Home automation is so fine-tuned today, that a smart thermostat can be timed to bring the temperature down a few degrees while you’re gone, and bring it back up when you’re on your way home.

Maybe you or a loved one are becoming more forgetful, or have a harder time getting up and down for dinner, heat, ac, etc.

Maybe you’re worried about a parent living alone.

Home automation can help them and you not have to stress about getting up and down, leaving the stove on, or falling down and getting hurt without anyone knowing.

Why should I invest in smart tech?

Work smarter, not harder. PC: aciexperts.com

Home automation is the future

When homeowners first got viable gas and electric machines–water heaters, dishwashers, etc.–not everyone got them at once.

Not everyone thought they were necessary all at once.

However, they made life convenient, secure, and helpful. They freed up time so people could spend less time worrying and more time with their families or friends.

Home automation or smart homes are exactly that. A better way of life.

It’s really an easy decision to make once you realize this has been done before. It’s better to make your life easier earlier than to put it off because the old style of doing something worked just fine before.

Tech is always getting better. And with home automation you can ride on that wave of change and lead the way to a better way of life.

How do I start my smart home?

Smart homes begin with a hub on a wall which acts as a connector, or a gateway, to controlling the other smart tech in the house.

There are four main protocols to pick from: X10, Z-Wave, UPB, and EnOcean.

It’s a natural and smooth transition from there to add smart tech gradually to your home as your budget allows.

X10 uses power lines mainly for its communication to devices, and it is efficient and reliable. It’s a well-established protocol (since 1975), and it has a wide variety of home automation tech available. It’s also established itself as a more affordable protocol with the availability of inexpensive smart tech compared to some others.

Z-Wave is a popular choice because it takes up less band (908 MHz vs. 2.4 GHz), and it isn’t really affected by interference or other activities. Additionally, Z-Wave is great for it’s interoperability. So it’s going to work with Z-Wave devices that are a decade old as well as a new product with very few limits. All Z-Wave devices work together regardless of the version or brand. And there really are a wide range of home automation devices to choose from for Z-Wave.

UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) is a power-line communication between all the smart tech in home automation. UPB communicates over power lines which makes it very reliable, and it’s very easy to put together as for as DIY home automation goes. It is more efficient than X10, yet there aren’t many products on the market in comparison, making it a little less easy to fit into budgets and style.

EnOcean has made its mark as being an energy harvesting wireless technology. Being self-powered means less installation and cost for you.  Energy management and efficiency seems to be their goal with battery-less and wireless solutions for home automation.

Usually a homeowner decides which protocol is going to work best in their home, get the correct hub, and then gradually build with that type of equipment over time.

So it’s important you do your research on equipment before building from your main hub.

Get a professional who can help you understand which protocol would work well with your home.

How do I decide which network access to use?


In addition to a hub, you also need some network access in order for your devices to communicate.

Many home automation systems use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Obviously something like Bluetooth, however, isn’t going to have a far reaching help.

So be sure to evaluate what you want to use home automation for and how you want to use it when making those decisions.

You will also want to consider how your devices will need to interact with you.

Some home automation comes with Wi-Fi connectivity ability, but not all. Things like lights and locks you will need “smart x,y,z” of whatever it is in order to get them to interact with your network.

So keep these simple things in mind while you’re making the transition.

It will save you from problems down the road.

Think of it this way: as long as you have good Wi-Fi and a smartphone then you’re basically half way there already.

Smart homes are the future. So get on board!


If you think about it, home automation has come a long way in just 40 years.

In the next 40 we probably won’t know how we ever lived without home automation.

Much like we wonder how we ever functioned without washing machines, vacuums, and computers.

Smart homes are safer and much more convenient. And they can save you a lot of money and may even save your life.

So why would you wait?

The savings come from the time, energy, and money saved by these devices. The safety comes from the security of knowing, alarms, cameras, and sensors. And the convenience comes with NOT having to run, check, or fret.

You can just tap it and know it.

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