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How To Find The Best Home Automation Professional

Home automation is becoming the norm for most homeowners, and whether you’re good with tech or not, you’ll reach a point in home automation where a professional will be a welcome help. Naturally, you want only the best on your home maintenance team.

While tech-savvy homeowners may enjoy the challenge of home automation themselves, even the most technically inclined may want to take advantage of a professional to complete their system. Follow these easy guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to picking your best home auto professional.

Reputation and Experience

Reputation on and offline is important to investigate before you make a decision. Read online reviews both on the company website and anywhere else other homeowners are posting feedback like Google Reviews. It’s important to see what the company prides themselves on and then see if their reviews match up with what they claim. While a few negative reviews are bound to happen, since it’s impossible to please everyone, a pattern of complaints are a good indication that a company has a bad track record. Asking your neighbors, family, and community is also a good way to find trustworthy companies with satisfied customers.

Investigate a home automation company’s track record or experience. You want professionals who’ve been in the business, and who have experienced many different technical and home situations. They should also be ahead of the curve in technology—knowing which equipment is going to last past the next tech development and which will work well with a centralized hub. Experience means less mistakes, faster service, and quality work. Your home automation professional should be able to answer any questions you have about hubs, the best tech for the design of your home, your customization, security, security companies, and any other smart-home-related question you might have.

Cost, Benefit, and Security

Don’t choose a company based only on price. Reputable companies have overhead and insurance, which they adjust their prices with to cover the costs. And you only want professional companies with the proper credentials when it comes to your home security systems.

You get what you pay for. It’s worthwhile to spend a little more on an established home auto professional, who has warranties and quality equipment, than it is to spend more money fixing what the “cheaper” and less reputable professional has done. Not to mention safer—home automation is directly involved with security and efficiency after all.

If you choose to DIY your system up to a certain point, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of technology, which systems will work in the layout of your home, your Wi-Fi signal strength, how and if your equipment can integrate, and how your system will outlast the next few reinventions for the system (so you’re not spending money every couple years on updates). Sometimes it’s better to buy pricier equipment because it will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Additionally, get the very best security company when it comes to your home security system. Most home automation companies will offer a certain program with security you can trust. But if you DIY, you’re going to need to do some extra research. This may be a point you want to reach out to home automation professionals to make sure you get the best deals.

If it comes down to price, remember that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Research your top-notch choices with the credentials, then make a decision from there.

Quality and Warranties

Not all home automation systems are created equal. Ask your prospective home automation professionals about their equipment and how they individualize it to your needs. The better the equipment, the better the efficiency, the more money you’ll save. It’s also much more secure for your home.

Insure the work and materials are under warranty. Warranty standards vary from state to state, and it fluctuates based on the company and what kind of packages they offer. You may check your state’s Department of License and Regulations to be sure of any laws that maintain how warranties should be conducted. But your better home auto companies will offer return and exchange policies, and at least a one year warranty on equipment. Some will even cover the equipment from two years to a lifetime. Do your research and get the best warranty for your money. It’s not a bad idea to invest a little more for protection.

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