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Why You Wasted Money On Your Google Home (Hint: You Should’ve Bought A Speaker)

You're using your Google Home wrong. Here's why you wasted your money; And here's what you need to do to fix it.

You’re using your Google Home wrong.

I don’t care if it’s the Google Mini or Max… you wasted your money.

Like millions of other homeowners, you purchased your Google Home after you decided you needed a good home update.

The first thing you did was train it to recognize your voice and each of your family member’s voices and set up your unique accounts.

So cute.

Then you connected your Spotify account, trained it to emit cat sounds to prank Mr. Kitty, and showed off to your friends how it can tell you the weather (should I wear shorts or a sweater?)

…and then you all kept using it to play your Spotify playlists over and over with an occasional call to order pizza delivery.

A glorified speaker/speaker phone is not worth the investment.

You may be thinking, ‘who are you to deprive me of playing tricks on my cat or ordering my pizza from my smart hub?’. Well, I’m not. I’m all for that (I order takeout a couple times a week). But using your Echo solely for these party tricks is like using your car to warm/cool you while you listen to music on cinder blocks.

You’re using it wrong. Flushing your investment down the toilet.

There are literally tens of thousands of skills your Google Home can perform. Not only should you be using it to order your coffee, tell you the weather, play music, read your audio-book out loud, answer questions, remind you of your calendar, and add things to your shopping list (phew, and that’s just the beginning), you should be creating the integrated smart home experience.

This is the future. And this is where the Google Home really starts to shine.


If you think asking the weather is a neat party trick, watch how your friends light up when you turn your  outdoor lights on/off with your voice. Or how envious they are of your electric bill, because your Google Home adjusts the temperature of your smart thermostat according to the weather forecast. (Yeah, that can save you a surprising amount over time).

Not to mention how peaceful nights can be now that you can check to see if you locked your doors with smart locks, and then lock them from anywhere in the house (namely your comfortable bed) with voice command.

Crime prevention, peace of mind, saving money, and party tricks? Yes, please. To get help setting up, simply sign up for more info below.


Using your Google Home to operate smart-home devices is the beginning of making use of your investment. If you haven’t connected your Google Home to your phone and your smart home equipment, you’re doing it WRONG.

If you haven’t invested in smart home equipment, again, you’re doing it wrong.

You absolutely don’t need to get into debt over this. It’s actually very affordable. You can choose to research it yourself and buy equipment gradually. You can also call in a professional to get you set up. Home Automation companies often have better deals, the technical skill set, and the security monitoring that you need.

Use a home automation professional to help you set up and access all your smart home powers. PC:https://www.safehome.org/security-systems/best/professional-installation/

Use a professional. It’s super easy. An established company like Vivint Smart Home can help you purchase, install, and learn to operate smart home equipment. They can help you connect your Google Home to your devices and show you how to work your integrated system if you don’t feel you quite have it down.

Furthermore, they can offer you 24/7 home security monitoring, which means they can respond to emergencies if you can’t and offer emergency assistance.

To get connected to free quotes, consultations, and the best home professional crew for you, simply fill out the form below.

Smart lighting is an important part of smart home tech. Smart light bulbs will save you a lot of money over the years.

Smart lightbulbs are easily the best way to start home automation because they are easy to set up and affordable. And don’t start with “oh but it’s so expensive.” That bridge has pretty much been closed. For the perks of an LED bulb, such as energy savings (which means saving money), extended life, and better lighting, you can get a 16 pack of Philips LEDs (60 watt equivalent) for $30, or less than $2/bulb.

You’re saving money on the bulbs when you consider all that. And though smart bulbs with more options (such as colors, dimming, and smart home interactions) may be more, they will save you money for the same reasons as listed above AND you can use them with your Google Home…which basically makes them infinitely more worth it.

I could go on, but do you really need more convincing?

Your Google Home can do so much more. Don’t short change your investment by letting it collect dust and order pizza.

Your Google Home has so much more potential. And as a smart homeowner, you know you want the most out of your investment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Turn your glorified speaker into the smart hub it was meant to be. Use the professional help out there to make your life easier, get connected, and save money. Find a professional and transform your life—fill out the form below and do your Google Home right.

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