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How Home Automation Adds To Your Comfort

In case you haven’t heard, home automation adds a lot to the comfort of your life. Here’s a simple list of smart home creature comforts.

Whether it’s peace of mind or simply not having to get out of bed, home automation makes life so much more convenient and comfy.


While Netflix has made it easier to navigate your nightly unwind session, a smart tv, smart phone or tablet, or a casting device like Chromecast, can make your whole entertainment system streamlined. Whether it’s movies, music, YouTube, or family photos, you can easily display anything you want with a few touches of your finger.

Not only is your media instantly accessible from your phone or tablet, it is possible to get it in any room you want.


Tired of waking up to a cold house or coming home to a stuffy home in the summer?

Smart home tech will save your day. Simply schedule your smart thermostat to your schedule and you’ll never have to come home to a freezing house again.


Tired of walking around at night or during the sunniest of days to open or close your shutters? Your new home automation system will allow you to do that all from your smartphone. Got a gate? Smart homes can open and shut that too. That means a lot less walking around and wasting your time with mundane tasks.

Don’t forget those alarms. Alarms contribute to your comfort by giving you peace of mind. You can be alerted on your iPhone if someone triggers the alarm whether you are home or not.


Along the lines of comfort in security. You can put your cameras in any room. Even your doorbell! You will receive alerts if something seems suspicious, or you can check in on your home at any time of day. If someone comes up your doorstep, you will be alerted and the camera will show you who came to your door whether you are home or not.

Furthermore, security systems that are monitored 24/7 can give you a lot of reassurance knowing that help is always there.


If you’ve read any of our articles, you know we always start with lighting when it comes to developing your smart home. And that’s because it’s the easiest and simplest way to start.

We especially love being able to turn off our lights from our beds and if we forget to turn them off before we leave for work. Talk about energy savings comfort. We really like that we can turn them on when we’re away from our homes. This gives the appearance of people being home and therefore can reduce burglary.

It’s also comfortable to change the lighting according to the room or time of day. Some rooms, like a kitchen, work well with bright lights, while bedrooms feel better with soft light.

It’s all up to your design.

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Q: Are home security cameras secure?
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