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Smart Bathroom: What Your Kohler Konnect And Alexa Can Do For You

Is Alexa moving in to your bathroom long-term? Here are some things you need to know.

As home automation and the concept of the smart home expands, companies are innovating technology and home products.

And lately, more companies think bringing your bathroom into the future is the next step to take.

While this bathroom smart tech might not exactly look like it came out of Tony Stark’s mansion, it’s still really neat. And maybe eventually a Tony Stark bathroom will be the norm for more of us.

PC: www.the-ambient.com

Kohler is making some interesting strides in utilizing Alexa and creating a smart bathroom experience.

Kohler Konnect is the smart platform that will unify your Kohler bathroom and smart home tech.

Kohler Konnect allows you to voice-control tech with the Kohler app. So, much like Alexa or Google Home, you’re getting hands-free voice-assisted temperature settings, lighting, and more.

A favorite of most, the smart mirror seems to hold a lot of promise.

In this case, the Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror actually has a built-in Alexa. This means you can control the lights in the mirror, play music through your mirror. And, of course, you can use Alexa and Kohler Konnect to control other smart devices around your home.

PC: www.the-ambient.com

Some of the Alexa and Kohler Konnect features include:

  • Running a bath at your set temperature and amount, thanks to Kohler’s smart bath tap, PerfectFill, which controls the amount and temperature of the water. You don’t have to worry about flooding your bathroom.
  • Sensate Touchless allows you to use Alexa and your kitchen faucet when you have dirty hands (food-covered). So no mess on your faucet.
  • Kohler’s Touchless Response Flush toilet will allow you to set lighting levels according to night-time visits. The PureWarmth toilet seat is an extra nice feature.
  • Moxie showerhead with built-in bluetooth speaker.

While there have been good-natured jokes on the irony of smart-toilets, this tech is a step in the right direction for home automation.

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