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5 Steps For A Worry-Free Vacation–Find Your Way To Relaxation Before Your Next Break

Take the stress of leaving your home behind away from your vacation with some good home security. You deserve a real time off.

Really put up your feet during your vacation with proper home security.

Don’t spend it worrying and stressing about your home and possessions.

Follow these key 5 steps, and we think you can take for a worry-free vacation next time you head out for a trip.

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Secure the Outside of Your Home

Home security includes everyday maintenance.

You want to feel confident in your home.

Yearly, check ups on your home’s roof, pipes, and any other systems prone to age and malfuctioning, is always a good idea. This way you always have a good idea of the state of your home.

Fix things up before you go on vacation. Whether it’s your roof or a malfunctioning sprinkler system, anything that you’re not sure of is going to be weighing on your mind. Repair any leaks, holes, broken locks or fences, etc. so that your home is secured from the outside.

We also recommend investing in outdoor security cameras and lighting.

Being able to check in on your home via a smartphone and being able to access recorded footage of anything suspicious is a huge stress-reliever for homeowners.

Secure the Inside of Your Home

Following the same logic, using indoor home security and home automation is a good idea for homeowners.

There are many different home security programs and systems which you can use to set your home up. There are even options for homeowners to check in to their house via smartphone when there is an unusual motion detected or when someone approaches your door.

You may also want to include 24/7 monitoring with your home security system. Monitoring provides extra security for you and your home with professional help.

Other smart home automation, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, water sensors, window/door sensors, and pipe sensors are great ways to be alerted to any problems before they’re really damaging.

You’ll really be able to relax knowing that you’re going to be alerted to problems before they become a huge problem.

And, of course, before you leave you’ll want to make sure leaks and locks are taken care of at the simple level.

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It seems too simple, but doing an extra run-through of your house to make sure lights, devices, and appliances are turned off can be a great way to get that extra peace of mind and protect your home.

It also protects your wallet from unnecessary hikes in your energy bill.

Investing in home automation will allow you to set these electronics on schedules. This can take the need for you to focus on the minutia and just relax and leave. You can make sure all is well with your smart phone.

Get a Trusted Friend or Neighbor to Check In


Have a trusted friend or family member bring your mail in, take care of pets, ect.

This makes your home look occupied. It’s reassuring to many homeowners to have a trusted friend checking on their possessions while they’re away.

Your friend can also catch things–like leaky plumbing or lights left on–if you don’t have a home security system to do it yourself.

Obviously a home security system will catch things right away vs the time it might take for someone to notice something amiss. But if you don’t have one right now, this method can help you enjoy your vacation more.

Have the Appearance of Being Home


If you look like you’re home, it’s less likely that someone will try to break in or bother your home or possessions.

Use home automation, both indoors and outdoors to give this appearance. You can schedule lights to turn off and on, you can use motion sensor floodlights to come on if there is movement. You can turn your TV or even music on or off. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have WiFi.

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Secure your home today, and you’ll feel so much better on vacation.

Secure your home inside and outside, keep on top of maintenance, have a trusted friend check in, and, most of all, installing your own home security system will keep your home safer and your mind feeling more rested while you’re away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are 24/7 monitoring companies worth it?
A: Many monitoring companies average $30 a month for a regular contract, and that usually comes with a time commitment of some sort (1-3 years). Your insurance premiums may go down with the addition of a monitoring company. Many homeowners feel monitoring helps them feel more at ease. If there’s a reason you can’t respond to an alarm, your security monitoring will contact emergency help for you. Ultimately it’s up to you and your budget.

Q: Will a home security system lower my insurance premium?
A: Many insurance companies will lower your premium if you have a home security system. You’ll have to check with your insurance company to see what they offer.

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