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7 Ways To Tighten Up Your Home Security

If you can’t invest in smart home security today, you still want to keep your home, loved ones, and valuables protected. Use these steps to tighten up your home security and reduce damage.

Not everyone can invest in a home security system today. Whether it is outside of your budget, or you’re in the middle of a move or some big life event, it’s just not doable for certain people at the moment.

If you’re one of these people, there are still ways you can make your home much more secure even if you don’t have automated home security or 24/7 monitoring. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable just because you can’t make the change today.

  1. Use Signs

Use popular home security (like Vivint or ADT) signs in your window or yard. Just a sign could deter a burglar. Also, consider “beware of dog” signs. Even if you don’t have a dog. A criminal is less likely to attempt a break-in if they think a protective animal is inside.

  1. Establish Household Safety & Emergency Plan

 Hold a meeting with your household and establish security rules and emergency plans/rules. This is especially really good for kids to go through. Agree to a routine of using window and door locks, phone and door etiquette (when to answer and when to not), keeping your garage door closed and the house door leading to the garage locked, what to do in case of a fire or an alarm going off, and keeping your home secured and locked even if you are home or just around in the backyard.

  1. Forego The Hidden House Key

Everyone has a hidden house key and it’s usually in the same few places (i.e. under a rock, under the mat, in a mailbox, etc). They aren’t very hard to find. Leave your key with a trusted neighbor instead. Don’t keep garage door openers or spare keys in plain sight.

  1. Lock Up Your Shed And Tools

Don’t leave your shed unlocked. There are many pricey tools that you want to secure. You also don’t want to leave tools like your ladder, screwdriver, hammer, etc. out for a burglar to utilize to get into your home.

  1. Keep Your Yard Well-Lit

Outdoor lighting and motion lighting is a great burglar deterrent. Keep lights easy to access and turn on. Motion sensor lights can alert you to movement in your yard.

  1. Secure Entry Points

Windows and doors should be updated (not old and falling apart) and have excellent locks. Make sure your doors are thick and heavy with solid wood or metal—none of that old hollow door stuff. Treat every entry point like it is your front door and secure it.

  1. Create Secure Appearances

Installing timers and motion sensor lighting can create the illusion that you’re watching, aware, and home even if you’re not. Something as small as a fake TV light that looks like someone is up and watching TV inside can be a great security measure.

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