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DIY vs. Professional Home Security Installation: The Pros & Cons

Is DIY or professional home security installation the better way to protect your home? We have a robust pros and cons list to help you weigh your options.

Home security should be a strong point of your home. Home security should give you peace of mind. This begins at the point of home security installation—so should you DIY or go the professional route?

Fortunately, you can have a solid home security foundation either way, but there are pros and cons to each.

DIY Home Security Installation

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DIY is the known standard for affordable home improvement—even if it may be frustrating at times. Many homeowners find the money saved on labor is worth their time and the challenge.

As far as DIY home security installation goes, there are solid pros and cons. Ultimately you must decide your skill level, your schedule, your budget, and which cons you want to deal with.

• You create the layout and structure of your home security system. A professional will most likely use standard installation placements and procedures. If you have one room you want three cameras in to watch your collectible plate collection, you can do that.
• Often more affordable as you save on labor costs.
• Can be simple to install yourself if you’re a little bit tech-savvy.
• Much of home security is wireless now, so it’s easier to set-up.
• Don’t have to wait for a professional/don’t need to plan around someone else’s schedule.

• May void warranties if installed incorrectly.
• Concern of whether equipment is installed at optimum ability.
• May not work.
• Losing wires/damaging walls/problems that occur normally during an inexperienced installation process.
• Must learn how to install, set-up, and troubleshoot your equipment yourself.
• Can be time consuming, especially if you must look up how to install equipment as you go.

Professional Home Security Installation

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Professional installation is usually considered easier, and some homeowners say it gives them peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling their equipment.
As far as professional home security installation goes, there are solid pros and cons. Ultimately you must decide your skill level, your schedule, your budget, and which cons you want to deal with.

• Easy set-up.
• Professionals are insured and so is the equipment. If something goes wrong, it’s on them.
• Professionals have necessary skills, knowledge, and tools for quick and expert set-up.
• Home security companies often offer valuable discounts on their security equipment, which may offset the cost of labor for you.
• Many security companies have promotions that give you package or equipment upgrades if you pay for installation.
• Discuss options with an expert that you may not have thought of by yourself.
• Peace of mind.
• Save time on research and troubleshooting.
• Professional can educate you on all system functions, how to troubleshoot, and who you can call if problems arise.

• Labor costs/installation fees.
• Less customization in your home security installation setup.
• Schedule your time for an appointment.
• Make room and organize home for professionals to install.

Consider A Hybrid Of Home Security Installation Methods

Taking these lists into account, you can weigh the pros and cons that apply to help you choose your method of home security installation.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, consider using a hybrid of the two methods. Some home security companies offer DIY packages. You can do a combination of buying a package from them at a discount and installing on your own.

Whatever you decide, home security is more affordable than you think, and it can fit almost any budget.

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