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How To Find The Best Security Camera For You

There is a large selection of security cameras available to peruse, but how do you find the best camera for you and your needs? This guide will get you on your way to finding just that!


After discovering the importance of home security, you know you want home security cameras, but you’re not sure which one is going to perfectly fit your needs and budget. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few DIY home security tips regarding the best security cameras right here in our guide.

We’re going to make finding the best security camera for you as easy as possible. We came up with the most important features to look for when selecting your home security cameras, and have them listed out to help you choose!

Table of Contents

What is a Home Security Camera?
Features People Want in a Security Camera
Camera Connectivity
Camera View
Good Storage
Weather Features
Purchasing Your Camera
Installing Your Camera


In our Introduction we talk about what a home security camera even is, and the features that people prefer to have in the home security cameras. 

What is a Home Security Camera?

At its most basic, security cameras allow you to watch what is going on in your home or yard through recorded or live video. But there’s a lot more to selecting a camera that is right for you.

Some security cameras have alarms, some send you notifications if it detects activity, some are meant for monitoring your nursery, others have two-way audio, and there are some that even act as a home automation hub on top of it all.

Features People Want in a Security Camera


We found that people are more happy with their security cameras when they

  1. blend in nicely with their home environment (some cameras you may not even want to be visible)
  2. have easy access to view footage from anywhere
  3. are backed with excellent customer support and device warranty (especially if there is a home monitoring company backing you up).

As an additional note, you may want to consider a camera that has face recognition. Face recognition allows the camera to recognize your dog or kids, so you may program it to nix the security alerts during normal activities.

But what other features might you look over in the hunt for the best home security camera? In this article we cover the following features to be aware of when purchasing a home security camera:

Introduction Take Away Points:

  • A security camera allows you to see your home (and the activities within your home) when you are away.
  • The 3 features people want in their security cameras are:
    • Nice appearance
    • Easy access to footage
    • Excellent customer support
  • Knowing these 3 features; we will also cover:
    • Camera connectivity
    • Camera viewpoint
    • Good storage
    • Weather features

Features in Detail:

What do all these features even mean? In this section we go into the details of all the features people like to have in their home security cameras.

A Home Security Camera Should Have Strong Connectivity

Many home security cameras operate over Wi-Fi, some use Bluetooth, and some work with interactive home automation hubs like Z-Wave. Whichever you choose, you should be confident with how it works. You also need to know how to troubleshoot some of the basic connectivity problems (such as resetting your Wi-Fi network).

Don’t feel comfortable with that? We recommend using a home automation or home security company that can offer technical support.

Most home security cameras today connect with your smartphone. It’s a very interactive and seamless interface that allows you to check in on your home and loved ones anytime no matter where you are.

Make Sure Your Security Camera Has an Excellent View


Prioritize Megapixels

You want to have clear footage from your security camera. That means prioritizing the megapixels for screen resolution and your field of view.

1080p is the average resolution for security cameras, but we’d recommend even higher for clearer images. Why? Security cameras often come with a cropping feature (recommended), which crops and enlarges the images on your camera. So, the more megapixels your camera sensors have, the more clear your zoom will be, and the closer you may zoom in to see things more clearly (like a face you don’t recognize).


Understanding Field of View

Your field of view is the degree you can view a room or designated space. The wider your lens can adjust, the more you can see. If you’re looking at covering a larger area, you want a camera with a larger range to view.

Your Security Camera Should Have Good Storage

Most of the time, cameras do not come with storage space. You will need to save your feed to the cloud or microSD cards. You want storage so that you can save and review footage whenever you may need to.

Most of the time storage in the cloud has a subscription fee, but we would consider it minimal compared to the peace of mind being able to access that footage gives.

Consider the Weather Around Your Camera

PC: httpswww.pcworld.comarticle3260012home-techwatch-your-home-for-cheap-with-this-deal-on-a-simple-affordable-security-camera.html

Are you looking for indoor or outdoor security cameras? If you want an outdoor camera you’ll want them to be sturdy, waterproof, weather-resistant, and able to handle extreme temperatures.

But if you’re looking at simply installing a camera to use on your doorstep to view guests and package delivery, you can consider purchasing a doorbell camera that has these weather resistance built in.

Takeaways from Features in Detail:

Important features to consider in your home security camera include:

  • Connectivity
  • Megapixels
  • Field of View
  • Storage
  • Weather Resistance

Purchasing & Installing a Security Camera:

unpermitted home renovations, home inspection report

After all your research it is time to follow through with a purchase of your new home security camera. In this section we step you through the purchasing and installing options and process.

Purchasing Your Security Camera

Considering these main purchasing points, hopefully you feel comfortable about having your camera priority basics down.

Find several cameras with the features you need so that you can compare prices and find the best security cameras on your budget. 

Many of the cameras we would recommend (and the cameras we have installed in our own homes) are around $200, plus whatever subscription fee for storage space.

BUT, if that’s outside your budget, there are plenty of solid, simple cameras you can purchase for just $30. It’s important that you find the best security camera (with the most features you want) on YOUR budget.

Installing Your Security Camera

You may want to purchase and set up the camera yourself if you’re tech-savvy. Professional help can be nice when it comes to staying in warranty limits, technical support, and hassle-free installation.

Home security companies often offer discounts on their equipment as well as 24/7 home monitoring. We recommend this feature for a strong home security system. The home monitoring does have a monthly cost, but most homeowners are happy to put aside a little in their budget for the peace of mind and security.

Still wondering what the best security camera is for you? Talk to your local security professional. They will help you find the best security camera for your budget.

Home Professionals will connect you to the best professionals in your area. Simply fill out your information below and let Home Professionals do the work for you.

Takeaways from Purchasing & Installing a Security Camera:

  • You can find a camera on almost any budget.
  • You may want help from a security professional that can install and/or monitor your system.

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