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What You Need To Know About AI and Home Security

Know how AI helps you keep safe and secure. But more importantly, know how to keep your AI home security secure and reliable.

Most likely, you use AI daily.

Netflix and smart phones use AI (artificial intelligence) to predict shows you will like or can recognize your fingerprint or face. Siri (from your iPhone) uses AI in language prediction and response. Companies use algorithms from AI to collect data to inspire the next show they will write or the next campaign they will run.

But many consider this rudimentary AI and expect the use of AI to develop and grow much more in the coming decades. That means you need to know how AI helps you and what concerns should be addressed when it comes to AI in your home.

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AI In Home Automation

AI is an important part of home automation as it lets you turn on your lights, adjust your thermostat, etc. with its help.

AI could also give you the opportunity to turn on lights with gestures/movements picked up by cameras and not just voice commands.

Smart home hubs, such as Amazon Echo, is AI tech that is really developing home automation. The AI hub acts as a system brain to all your smart home devices. Speaking to the AI allows you to voice control your smart tech.

AI In Home Security

PC: https://www.vectorsecurity.com/blog/why-you-should-care-about-diy-home-security

Home security and home automation are integrated.

AI has the ability to do facial recognition to let someone into your home, alert you to an intruder, or let you know if something isn’t quite right in your home. This is the same AI that FB uses with 97% accuracy to identity the faces of millions of users in pictures for tagging.

AI in home security can certainly keep you safer and give you peace of mind when you are out for the day or tucked in bed.

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AI Concerns

As much as AI has made our lives incredibly easier (and fun in a futuristic sense), there are still concerns with AI security.

Smart tech like Alexa is always listening in order to be able to answer questions and respond to commands. Some AI cameras are always on. People are concerned (and it has happened) others will hack into their smart tech and that will leave homeowners vulnerable.

Homeowners fear that sensitive information will be vulnerable and that they will not have the same sense of privacy.

Of course home security and home automation companies are continually working to make their products secure and they work to increase user-education in how to secure their AI and home security.

Keep yourself secure and only use trusted home security and home automation companies, use only trusted providers and trusted equipment (never second hand). Realizing that AI and home security isn’t perfect, and simply putting in security measures (such as strong passwords), can help you enjoy all the comfort AI provides without the worry of your security being breached.

Work with a trusted professional company and installer and test your devices before you depend on them for AI and home security.

Read more HERE for information on how to keep your home security and home automation AI secure.

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