Everything You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

Home Security Monitoring: Pros and Cons

While unmonitored security systems are less expensive, they don’t have professionals on call 24/7—ready to respond to emergencies and contact authorities.

Monitored security systems are monitored by a professional home security company. The monitoring company detects when your alarms go off, be it fire, carbon monoxide, or a break-in, and alerts the proper authorities if needed so they can get there faster.

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Perks of Home Security Monitoring

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 Perk #1–Convenience: You don’t have to be burdened with monitoring the system yourself. When you’re on vacation, you can just be on vacation. Also, the home security company will install the home security system for you. So you don’t have to stress over where to put equipment or how to handle the technical side of things.

Perk #2—Additional Peace of Mind: Home security already increases your peace of mind. But having a monitored home security system can really make things easy. It’s nice knowing someone else is looking out for your best interests and can contact authorities even if you can’t.  

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Perk #3—Less Likely to be Targeted: Homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted for crimes. If a burglar enters a home expecting to find it empty, and runs into someone in the family, hostility can ensue. If an alarm goes off when a burglar enters, it’s less likely that they would run into or get surprised by a member of your family. If they do have malicious intentions, the alarms alert authorities first and serves as an early warning to your family. Even if you can’t get to a phone, your monitoring service will call the proper authorities.

Perk #4—Protection From Fires: Yes, you can get all the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors you need and install them yourself. But monitored home security systems not only alert you, they alert your security company about sources of heat and contact the authorities. We recommend using heat detectors as part of your fire prevention security. You can install them yourself, but install them alone won’t contact the proper authorities in time to do much. When you consider that it only takes 30 seconds for a small flame to mature into a huge fire and thick black smoke, every single early-warning second counts.

Perk #5—Protection From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Yes you can buy all the alarms you want without home security monitoring. And it’s better than having nothing. The nice thing about coupling your home security with monitoring service here is that it provides emergency dispatch and paramedics. This will clear out your home quicker and treat you and your loved ones for carbon monoxide poisoning. The faster you get out and receive medical treatment, the less severe your poisoning symptoms will be.

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Perk #6—Increased Valuable Protection: Whether you’re out of town for business or on vacation, you can feel better knowing that someone is watching your home and valuables. Even if you can’t respond, your monitoring system professionals can. Burglars don’t care about the emotional attachment you have to your home and possessions. An alarm is often a huge deterrent to burglars, but in cases it’s not, having someone monitoring the situation and calling the authorities is only going to reduce damage done.

Cons of Home Security Monitoring


Of course, as with most things, you want to consider any cons you might run into. Here is a list of some of the most commonly reported cons to home security monitoring.

  • Can be expensive
  • Monthly monitoring fees can be annoying
  • False alarms are annoying to deal with (like when a family member doesn’t disarm the alarm correctly)
  • False alarm rates can be very high.
  • Some police departments will charge a response fee for taking their time away from actual crime. City hall may bill you after a couple false alarms.
  • Some security monitoring system centers are overwhelmed and their response time can be slower. Make sure you’re getting a good monitoring company who will do their job.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

 Weigh out your available choices and decide which option gives you more of a headache and which gives you peace of mind. The cons are a potential, not a given, but it’s good to keep them in mind and ask perspective security companies about them.

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