Everything You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

Improve Your Home Security With One-Day Projects

We all run a little short on time, but don't let that leave you at risk. Do these one-day projects when you can to create a solid home security system.

You don’t need to wait to increase your home security today.

You’re busy with work and family; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Break things down into bite-sized pieces (whether you DIY or hire a professional) and get your home security accomplished one day at a time.


Motion sensor lighting and auto-timed lighting are a great one-day project to secure your home.

Burglars are often deterred at the idea of visibility or suggestion of the homeowner being home. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Get a good idea of the layout of your home, where you can hang lighting fixtures, and the different types of light bulbs you will need.
  • Hire a pro or research how to DIY your lighting.
  • Have back-up bulbs in storage so you can easily replace them when they burn out.
  • Setup automatic lighting with a timer. This will allow some outdoor or indoor lighting to turn on and off at certain times of the day. That way, even if you’re out of town, you have the appearance of being home.
  • Consider outdoor solar lighting. It will charge during the day and automatically come on at night.
  • Consider using smart lighting that you can turn on and off with your smart phone from anywhere. This will increase your security.

Secure Your Locks

Simply locking your doors is an excellent first step to home security. But it’s even better if you have excellent locks on your door and windows.

  • Analyze all the entry points of your home. Plan for locks on all entry points and think about weaknesses and how to strengthen them.
  • Two locks on your door goes a long way–use a knob lock and a deadbolt. Your doors should not be hollow and should be metal or made of thick wood.
  • Put motion sensors in your doors and windows that will alert your smartphone when they get opened.
  • Leave keys with neighbors you trust, not under mats or rocks.

Security Cameras

You don’t have to go crazy. But security cameras can be a one-day project.

  • Create a layout of your home, decide where you want security footage. If you’re DIYing, wireless cameras have easier installation.
  • Doorbell cameras that deliver notifications to your smart phone is a helpful way to see who is at the door whether you are home or not.

Upkeep and Second Opinions

  • Make sure your property looks occupied and alert.
  • Have someone else you trust go through your home for a mock break-in. This will help you see weak points you haven’t considered. It will also help you see what valuables you can easily tuck away and make harder to find in the case someone does break in.
  • Replace your light bulbs when they burn out.

Any of these projects can be completed in a day. Break it down into bite-sized pieces and you’ll be more secure before you know it.

Get in contact with your home security professionals today for help getting your property more secure. Simply use the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment is usually included in a basic home security package?
A: It varies depending on the company, but you can usually expect window/door magnetic sensors, a few cameras, and a control panel.

Q: Will my pets trigger my security cameras?
A: Security cameras can be set to recognize the difference between human and animal movements, so your pets won’t trigger the motion detector. Facial recognition in security cameras can also keep your home occupants from triggering the camera if you’d like.

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