Everything You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

What’s The Best Home Security System For My Budget?

Prevention is the best form of protection. Protect your home with the best security system for your budget and lifestyle.

You don’t want a break in to be the first time home security pops into your head.

Many homeowners stick a security sticker in their window, or a sign in their yard, and think it will be enough to deter burglary and other harm. Most of the time, it’s not.

And many other homeowners simply believe it will never happen to them.

‘Not in this nice town.’

But then it does happen, and it’s too late to prevent it by then.

Crime Facts: You’re Really Going To Want To Secure Your Home

Keep danger out of your home. Get your home security today.

Over 2 million home burglaries occur in the U.S. every year. Homes in the U.S. are burglarized every 13 seconds. Also the FBI considers home burglaries to be the biggest threat to U.S. homeowners.

So why wouldn’t you take your home security seriously?

Against popular belief, most burglaries occur during daylight hours when most people are at work or school and happen most often during the summer (July and August). And in 95% of burglaries, force was used to enter. This means that a window or a lock was broken in 95% of burglaries, and home security systems can absolutely help prevent most of these crimes.

Besides barking dogs, criminals are deterred by CCTV and other security system measures. Smart tech that allows TVs and lights to turn on when there is an intrusion, and for alerts to go out and sirens to go off when suspicious activities happen, are going to put off most burglaries. Most thieves are criminals of opportunity and are looking for easy homes to break into.

A home security system makes your home and family safer.

Why Cost Should Never Deter You From Getting A Home Security System

You may think home security isn’t in your grasp because it is unaffordable.

That’s absolutely not true.

Home security systems can start small and be built upon according to a monthly budget.

So if you’re intimidated by what you’ve been told the price tag is, don’t be. You can start out with something as simple as automatic floodlights (come on when they sense motion) or a doorbell camera (see who is at your door whether you’re home or not).

Furthermore, most home security and home automation companies offer great package deals on home security kits. They usually offer discounts on their security devices when you sign up with them and their home security monitoring team. In fact, we think it’s usually worth it to go with a package start-up deal.

Ultimately there isn’t really a price point on keeping your home and family safe. And peace of mind is golden. So make room in your budget.

Where To Start: It’s Easier Than You Think

First off, figure out your budget and what type of security you want–such as how complex or “smart” you want your system to be.

This part my feel a little complex as you’re learning about home security options, but once you get the basics down it’s pretty straightforward. Check out this list to consider as you decide what kind of security will meet your needs.

Then you should get in contact with your home security professional. They can give you even more excellent advice for your budget (fill out the form below for quick professional access). And they’ll be able to tell you your home automation abilities and answer any question you might have from your own research.

There is a large range of home security plans and systems, which can fit any budget easily. And we strongly recommend protecting yourself with security cameras and alarm systems.

What Types Of Security Systems Are There?

It’s good to know the dimensions of your home and the rooms you want surveillance in. You will also want to consider all your entry points (windows and doors) and which points you want sensors or extra security.

Using these specifications, you can figure out how big of a system you need based on these “zones.” You will also want to check with your insurance company about possible discounts for having a home security system in place.

There are home security alarms that are loud and don’t shut off until you come home to turn it off. It’s more likely to make a burglar bail than a sign would. Other home security alarms send an alert to your cellphone (or other chosen method), allowing you to call the police no matter how far away you are.

The more advanced home security systems use monitoring. The alarm system would send an alert to the security company that is doing the monitoring. The security staff would then try to contact you. If you do not answer, or the person who does doesn’t have the password, then they will call the police to check it out for you. The monitored options usually come with a monthly fee, a control unit, battery backup, and a choice between a silent alarm or a siren.

We recommend: Get quotes from professionals, find the best deals, sign up with a monitoring security feature. 

Other Important Security Features You Should Include

If you want to add to an existing home security system, or if you want to start building up to a complete home security system, we recommend installing some or all of these features.

  • Motion detectors that alert security cameras when someone is nearby.
  • Window and door sensors. You can get alerts when they are opened and you can set alarms so that, if they are not supposed to be opened during a certain time, they can either set off an alarm or trigger an alert.
  • Pressure mats. Used to alert you if someone walks across your home or business.
  • Security cameras. This includes any assortment of nanny cams, doorbell cameras, and any other security cameras that can help you have peace of mind whether at home or work.
  • Water detectors. Put these detectors on pipes for early warning signs of flooding.
  • Temperature sensors. Get an alert when the temperature gets unusually hot or cold.
  • Smoke/fire/carbon monoxide alarms.

We Recommend: Budget and plan accordingly. You can do the easy features yourself (such as smoke/fire detector), then call your professionals for help installing and connecting your security features. Your home security professionals will often offer better discounts and services than you can usually find on your own. If nothing else, the professionals will have excellent advice on the best home security features. 

How To Make This EASY On Yourself

Home security for your lifestyle and budget

You don’t want to lose money, security, and peace of mind in becoming a victim of theft. Guard yourself with the best home security.

But don’t stress out!

Home Professionals is here to help you accomplish that by connecting you to your local home security experts. We’ll also do all the research and legwork to find you the best professionals and deals you could find in your area (use the form below).

Don’t waste time calling around trying to get quotes. We’ll figure that out while you picture how much stress-relief this is going to provide you.

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