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Do I DIY Pest Control?

To do or not to do…to vaguely reference a famous poet who touched on so many deep, human questions. And speaking of deep questions, you’ve probably been wondering if you should hire a pest control professional, or just take care of the little tyrants yourself.

You’ve probably been wondering if you should hire a pest control professional, or just take care of the little tyrants yourself.

Just a guess.

Both are possible, and could be good choices depending on your personal experience, knowledge, and budget.

Here are a few things to consider before you make your final decision.

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DIY—I Have The Know Hows To Save Money

Pest Control can be so easy to DIY. All it takes are the right chemicals and equipment.

And there are even some natural ways to discourage insects if you don’t like chemicals all that much.

Some jobs are as easy as spraying some raid around the corners of your home, while other jobs require a lot more. However, you can save money by doing this yourself.

Here are some reasons you might want to DIY:

  • You’re a professional, and you know what you’re doing
  • You want to make it a learning experience and have time to research
  • You feel good about handling chemicals and know how to keep you and your loved ones safe (including your pets) through the process
  • You want to save money
  • You’ve got a good idea of what’s required for your particular problem
  • These pests are NOT the wild animal kind. If you’re dealing with wild animals, then call animal control for the safe relocation of these bigger, furrier pests

Do your research and look up quality instructionals on how to mix and spray your pest control. Many times, you may only need a sprayer and some quality chemicals (don’t go cheap here). Just make sure to read the label, take note of the cautions and warnings, wear protective clothing, and buy chemicals that are safe for pets.

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Professional—Save Time And Be Safe

Pests can carry diseases and bacteria that is harmful to your health. You want to make sure you get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes you need more than your run-of-the-mill DIY pest control. Professionals know a lot about pests, how to bait, trap, and exterminate them. They can do it quickly and safely too. If you’re worried about how thorough DIY is for a more dangerous pest, professionals could be a better way to go to make sure you’re safe.

Additionally, pests who are of the wild animal sort should always be handled by a professional. Wild animals, though cute sometimes, carry diseases and can be dangerous. Better than killing the animals, animal control can relocate them safely to a place they won’t be nuisances.

Here are some good reasons to hire a professional roofer:

  • You want to be on the safe side and leave the chemicals up to the professionals
  • You don’t want to handle chemicals
  • You don’t have much knowledge or experience
  • You don’t have time or don’t want to mess with it
  • You need animal control to relocate wild animals or even pets that are causing problems
  • Professionals have warranties on their services
  • Professionals have the knowledge and skills to bait, trap, and exterminate all different kinds of pests—making sure they’re gone and that there are no hidden problems
  • You want it done right and fast the first time
  • You want a customized plan to treat your pest problem (sometimes there needs to be more than one treatment)

What matters is that you stay safe and are pleased with the results. If that’s DIY for you after your considerations, then do your research and be safe. If a professional is the right way for you, then do your research to hire your best pest control expert.

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