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New Homeowner’s Guide To Working With Pest Control Professionals

You’ve probably tried DIY for your pest problem, and now you’re turning to professionals to really crack down on the problem. Smart move.

Since you’re a new homeowner, this may be the first time you’ve had to hire a pest control professional.

Not to worry.

Keep these basics in mind when working with your pest control professional, and you’ll be completely prepared.

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Your pest control professional will visit your house for an on-site assessment. They will tell you if and how you should prepare for their services, whether it’s cleaning up a room, moving furniture, or keeping out of the area during the service. They will give you a written estimate and the date they will return for the service (usually the next day).


Your pest control professional should arrive on time and in a vehicle that represents the pest control company. If needed, they will be wearing safety equipment for the chemicals they are handling.

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They will target entry points (such as kitchens, garages, attics, etc.) both inside and outside of your home. Professionals will also assess what could be attracting the pests to put a stop to further problems.

Almost all services are done in a day.


After the inspection and service, the professional will go over their findings and give you the bill. They’ll let you know if any further action will need to be taken, such as if you need a follow-up or how frequently you will want to spray to manage the pests.

Prevention is the best cure after all.

Overall, it doesn’t take long when you’re working with pest control professionals. They’re fast, efficient, and educated. You’ll be enjoying your pest-free life in no time at all.

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