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What Does My Pest Control Professional Do?

Many homeowners are in a constant battle with pests in or around their home. So how do pest control professionals help you win the battle?

If you’re one of the lucky homeowners who don’t have to battle pests every year, then you’re probably asking ‘what exactly does a pest control professional do?’ and ‘what can I expect from a pest control professional?’

You may be wondering this even if you’ve made pest control professionals a part of your yearly home upkeep.

And while these questions might have many answers, we can tell you what essential roles your pest control professional plays on your home maintenance team.

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Exterminator/Pest Control Technician

Your pest control professional is more often called an exterminator. They can work for companies or be self-employed and treat a variety of structures for pests—anywhere from your home to schools and government buildings. Their main duty is to get rid of your pests, obviously. But it’s more complex than it seems. They need to know how to treat each different pest, what their different habits are, where to find their nests, and which chemicals will take care of which pest.

They also have an extensive knowledge of the chemicals they work with and how to handle them safely for themselves and for you.

When you hire an exterminator, they will look around your home and will need access to many areas of your house—including the basement, attic, and garage—to fully get an idea of where your pests are coming from. After they have a good idea of what you’re dealing with, they will recommend a treatment plan to solve the pest issue.

Animal Control

Animal control is your other pest control professional, and they deal with the bigger and sometimes more furry pests. If you’re having issues with raccoons, mice, or even deer, animal control are the professionals you want to contact.

Animal control professionals have safety equipment for these wild animals, and they work humanely and quickly to relocate the animals and get them out of your hair.

Never try to handle wild animals yourself. Cute they may seem, but they are wild after all.

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  1. After finding out that there’s been a bug infestation in my house, I’d like to call a pest control service. Thanks for helping me learn the difference between pest and animal control. It’s good to know that a pest service has an extensive knowledge on handling the pesticides or chemicals safely for extermination because they are well-trained for that.

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