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New Homeowner’s Guide To Working With Plumbing Professionals

You don’t sweat the little stuff like a drippy faucet, but when it comes to bigger problems, you know it’s time to call in a professional.

You’ve called around, got your three quotes, and you’ve settled on your plumbing professional. What next?

In case you’re wondering, you can expect these basic steps when your plumber visits.

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Your plumbing professional may come to your house in the next couple hours, or in the next couple weeks—depending how urgent your problem is. When they arrive, they will be in a clearly marked company vehicle, will be able to present their license and insurance, and will be wearing the correct protective clothing.

They will assess your problem and lay down any protective coverings that may be needed over your carpet or flooring.

At this point, you should have already received a written estimate for the work to be done (cost of materials and labor).


At this point, your professional will attend to the problem at hand. They will most likely need your water shut off, and they may need to go crawling around in the attic or basement for plumbing issues.

While it is most likely your plumber has all equipment to fix your issue on hand, they may need to get another opinion or get special equipment if they find other issues or bigger problems. Though, more likely than not, they will have all equipment with them.

Any additional issues that may arise should be discussed with you before any repairs are made so that you can agree to any equipment and costs.

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Upon completion of the task, you will be given a receipt of everything that was done. Many plumbers also give some type of warranty on their work, and will give you an outline of that warranty.

Overall, most plumbing visits are finished in a day and are completed efficiently and reliably. Use Home Professionals to find your plumbing professional exactly when you need them.

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