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New Trends In Plumbing Tech And What It Means For You

Technology is playing a large role in the improvement of the home industry and plumbing is no exception.

Whether it’s water conservation, better products, efficiency, environmental impact, comfort, and even saving the homeowner money, technology is an important part of plumbing.


Much of new home automation tech in the bathroom revolves around user comfort.

The last few years have seen interactive bathroom platforms for streaming live music or movies wirelessly to your shower. You can also control lighting, mood, and water pressure now with the press of a button or two.

LED lights are playing a part in plumbing products too. LED toilet bowl lights light up for nighttime use. The idea is that it will keep lighting dim so the user can easily go back to sleep once they are finished with their business. There’s no need to keep the nightlight on all night, which will also help save some energy money over time.

LED lights are being used in conjunction with faucets, glowing red or blue, depending on the water temperature. While this is convenient, it may also play a role in burn safety.

Home Value

Home customization and specialization increases the value of that home. Every little additional tech is convenient.

It means that another homeowner won’t have to budget and pay for it. It also gives them instant gratification to be able to use it in their new home.

So home tech not only makes your life more comfortable and valuable to you, it increases its overall value.

Homeowners want smarter homes. As this tech continues to expand and take over the home industry, it will become and expectation in homes for sale—not a special feature.

Energy Efficiency and Saving Money

 Saving money is probably one of the most attractive features of smart homes.

And homeowners think it’s even better that they can be more eco-friendly while saving money.

Energy-efficient appliances are ready to be installed in your home. And if your appliances are running efficiently, you can cut down the waste in your energy bills.

Imagine combining a home automation system with your sprinkler system. Your home auto system knows the weather, how much moisture you’ve had, knows the best times of the day to water, and then waters your lawn with the best efficiency.

This not only saves you money, it can save hundreds and thousands of gallons of water.

There are even water sensors you can place on pipes which will tell you if there is a leak in a pipe. Then you can fix it before it ever becomes a costly flood in your basement.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Smart tech is going to save you a lot of money and add so much to your comfort. Yes, even in your plumbing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is smart-tech worth it? Or is it just cute?
A: We think it’s worth it. Perhaps it depends on what kind of person you are and what you enjoy. However, the smart home industry is booming. Not only is it trendy to have smart-tech, it won’t be long until everyone has it. So, maybe it’s more about how much you want to budget it? Talk to a home auto professional today to get an idea of quotes, budgeting, and what types of smart-tech would be good for you today.

Q: What’s the best bathroom smart-tech to start out with?
A: Maybe it depends on what you want most? We think that a smart scale could be a good place to start. You can track weight, BMI, bone density, and even the weather all in one place. Smart lighting in your shower and around the toilet can be a good investment too! And who doesn’t love music in the shower? Get some water-proof smart speakers in there.

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