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Should I DIY Plumbing?

You’ve probably been dwelling on whether you should attempt your own plumbing/plumbing repairs or use a professional.

To do or not to do…to vaguely reference a famous poet who touched on so many deep, human questions. And speaking of deep questions, you’ve probably been dwelling on whether you should attempt your own plumbing/plumbing repairs or use a professional.

Just a guess.

Both are possible, and could be good choices depending on your personal experience, knowledge, and budget.

Here are a few things to consider before you make your final decision.

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DIY—I Have The Know Hows To Save Money

Sometimes, simple “how-to” websites and YouTube videos are all you need for plumbing issues. In fact, most simple repairs are usually a DIY project.

Even some complex plumbing issues can be DIY if you research enough and proceed cautiously and smartly.

Here are some reasons you might want to DIY:

  • You’re a pro or have a lot of knowledge or experience
  • The problem is a simple one, like a clogged drain
  • You have time to spend researching and fixing the plumbing issue
  • You know how to be safe with plumbing projects
  • You know how to turn on and off your main water source
  • You’re safe electrically
  • You are physically able to handle the job’s demand
  • You may only need a plumber for consultation—some plumbers will consult so you can save money on labor
  • You know enough of what you’re doing you can actually save money on materials and labor

But it’s important to know your limits. There are many plumbing issues that should be handled by professionals with specific professional tools and equipment. You might save money upfront with DIY, but you’re not helping yourself if you cause more damage or install parts incorrectly. So, make sure you’re confident about your project.

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Professional—Save Time And Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Hiring a professional can be reassuring as they have licenses, training, insurance, and warranties on their parts and labor (or at least they should…don’t hire them if they don’t).

Even if you feel competent in the work, you may not have the time to do it. Or you may not feel confident about DIYing a certain plumbing project. Better safe than sorry, and though professionals cost a bit more upfront, you might end up saving money through warranties, correct installation, and stress-free home projects.

Here are some good reasons you might want to hire a professional plumber:

  • You don’t feel confident with the project
  • The project requires special training or tools
  • There’s an immediate emergency, and you don’t have time to look it up
  • Whole system installations, like in a new house, might be better off with a professional installation just to make sure it all gets done right. Then you can feel good knowing it’s done right.
  • You want peace-of-mind with a warranty on parts and labor along with professional installation
  • You keep trying to fix a problem but it’s just not working
  • You want to save time
  • You just don’t want to mess with it

What matters is that you are pleased with the results. If that’s DIY for you after your considerations, then do your research and be cautious. If a professional is the right way for you, then do your research to hire your best plumbing expert.

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