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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Home Automation Professional

Home automation can be as easy or complicated as you make it. And depending on how complex you get, you may or may not need professionals to help. Sometimes the home automation expert you need is you.

There are 5 important questions you need to ask yourself, or a professional, before you make the switch to smart home integration.

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Question 1: What kind of home automation is right for me?

This is important to ask because it is going to form your whole approach to home automation and which equipment you invest in. And a professional will help you figure out what’s going to work best in your home. What part of your life do you want to simplify? What part do you want to add protection to? While home auto can expand to all parts of your home, it’s good to start with your most important features first. Whether that’s lighting, energy savings with new lightbulbs, cooling, security systems, etc. You decide.

Question 2: How do I start and will my current home support home automation?

There isn’t one way to start home auto that is better than the others. However, since it is a bit of an investment, most people start out with a few things at a time and work their way up. Get a smart thermostat and control your heating and cooling remotely—program it to fit your schedule and save money. Or start with some lighting features with LED lightbulbs. You’ll save money on energy bills and will be able to control your electricity from anywhere in the house.

Most likely you can add home auto to your house even if it is an older home. Most home automation is wireless now, so the set up isn’t too complex—but a professional might be a safe bet if you want things to go smoothly or if you just aren’t that tech savvy.

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Question 3: How will home automation fit into my budget?

Home automation should reduce your energy consumption, which means you should be saving money on your energy bills. So, while home automation is a great investment that will eventually pay you back and more, you will still want to budget for the transition. Ask for an installation and savings estimate. A home automation professional will be able to help you figure out how much you’ll save vs. how much it will cost to install and run your equipment.

Home automation itself should reduce your bills, not increase it.

Question 4: How many current pieces of equipment will need to be replaced for home automation integration?

This is a good question to consider when it comes to your budget. You might need to replace TVs, lightbulbs, lamps, ovens, thermostats, etc. to make room for home automation integration. It’s also a good idea to invest in home automation which will be able to grow with the technology as well as accommodate older technology such as DVDs.

Question 5: Is the technology easy enough to understand?

No one is going to feel at home in a place they don’t understand. So, it’s important that you understand the technology. Fortunately, home automation is very streamlined, wireless, and uncomplicated. It is also very intuitive with control pads and remotes—additionally you can work most everything from your own iPhone. Get to know each piece of home automation well as you gradually install it so that you always feel comfortable taking care of your home. Your home automation expert will be able to help you run your equipment with ease, and they’ll always be a phone call away to help you out with any issues that may arise.

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