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Home Automation: Is It Really All About The Energy-Efficiency?

Sure, smart homes are the dreams of every sci-fi fantasy. They're super cool. But is "cool" all there is?

There are thousands (if not millions) of articles about upgrading your home with home automation. And they list hundreds of reasons why smart homes are a good idea. But above all, home auto seems to be all about energy-efficiency.

While smart homes really are “cool,” they are so much more.

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Among all the home-automation gadgets you can buy, energy-efficient gadgets seem to be an American favorite, with up to 47% of households applying at least one energy-efficient gadget.

While “smart-tech” has been around for a few decades, it has really improved its specs in the last little while. Programmable thermostats have been around for a good 30 years, but it’s the most recent smart-thermostats that seem to be making all the difference. The fact they connect with smart phones, have an easier interface to interact with, and can actually “learn” your household thermal habits itself, really makes this new smart-tech competitive.

Americans want to be energy-efficient, they care about energy efficiency in their household items, so why has it been a hard-sell for so many years? The simple answer is that it wasn’t energy-efficient for your life. The tech was much more complicated to program, it took more time, and people just forgot after a while. It wasn’t intuitive to your needs.

Now home automation is easier than ever, which makes it more energy-efficient for your life, which in turn makes your home more energy-efficient.

And if you still feel uncomfortable setting up your own hub and equipment, there are many professional companies that Home Professionals can connect you with today.

Instead of reprogramming your thermostat every time you have a change of schedule, it’s now as easy as pushing a button on your smart phone to tell your HVAC system whether you need it “going out” temperatures or “coming in” temperatures.

Additionally, you don’t have to be home to communicate with your system. You could be half way across the world and turn lights off/on, close garage doors, lower temperatures, view security cameras, and communicate with your HVAC and plumbing systems.

Home automation isn’t just for the wealthy or tech-savvy anymore; it’s really becoming a way of life for the average American. It’s easily accessible on the technical level, and smart-tech is very affordable. Many smart-gadgets usually pay for themselves within 2-3 years.

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Home automation does the energy-efficiency work for you. You’ve probably heard of phantom loads–the energy our electronic gadgets use even when they’re turned off. You know you’re supposed to flip the ground switch off or unplug them…but it’s so easy to forget. And sometimes you can’t even reach the electric outlets. Phantom loads waste about 7% of the energy in the U.S., and smart tech helps whittle that waste down with barely any effort on your part.

Energy efficient appliances should absolutely be integrated with smart home tech. ENERGY STAR appliances often work well with energy-efficient smart tech in reducing energy consumption and saving you a lot of money over the years. PCmag has excellent information on how to measure and manage your household energy consumption including which devices are best for judging how much energy your appliances use. You may also receive a home energy audit from a professional. A professional can tell you where you’re losing and using the most energy, and they can help your home become more energy efficient.

While you love how easy home automation makes your life, and you love how cool it looks and feels as it works so effortlessly in the palm of your hand, you absolutely love how the energy-efficiency saves you money.

Saving money is ultimately what spurs homeowners into action towards home automation. Starting with the most energy efficient devices is going to help you start saving money more immediately. Connecting with professionals who know their stuff and can help you at competitive rates is just icing on the cake of “cool.”

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