What Does My Plumbing Professional Do?

It’s not everyday you need a plumber. So, you may be wondering, ‘what exactly does a plumbing professional do?’ and ‘what can I expect from a plumbing professional?’

While these questions might have many answers, we can tell you what essential roles your plumbing professional plays on your home maintenance team.

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Service Plumbers

These plumbers are the ones who will be fixing issues such as running toilets, water heater repair/maintenance, leaky faucets, frozen pipes, and more. They are typically the professionals you’ll work with over the lifetime of your home with repairs and upkeep. They are mechanically inclined as they must diagnose your plumbing issues and then repair it in the most efficient, affordable way.

Construction Plumbers

While these plumbing professionals can be one and the same, sometimes experience and specialty is stronger in one or the other. Construction plumbers are your professionals who know how to do “rough-in” plumbing (working with all the pipes and plumbing behind your walls), and then the “finishing” work (basically connecting all the rough-in plumbing with building fixtures). They install plumbing in a straightforward, efficient manner, and they insure that all fixtures are gas/water-tight—all installation must comply with building codes.

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Education And Experience

Plumbing is a physically demanding job, and as such, plumbers need the necessary training and stamina to be on call for plumbing emergencies. Your plumbing professionals will have received their training from a trade school and experience from their apprenticeship—which involves on-the-job mentoring and around 144 hours of additional classroom time.

Though requirements vary depending on the state, all plumbers need to complete these requirements along with a test about their trade before they can receive a license to work independently.

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