Is Roof Cleaning Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know

Roof cleaning enhances your home’s curb appeal, makes your home look newer, and can prevent breakdown of your roof that could turn into expensive fixes.

Pests, animal droppings, nests, algae growth, water damage, gutter clutter, and corrosion can bring down the curb value of your home and can cause severe damage to your roof and home.

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And if you’re not cleaning your roof, most likely you’re not catching the cracks, missing shingles, damaged sealant and gutters that are slowly causing the death of your roof and massive repair costs.

Those black streaks on your roof? That’s algae growing on your shingles. That algae can cause corrosion and can even raise your energy costs because it makes your attic hotter. And it’s completely fixable. Roofing pros have soft washing machines and cleaning solutions that can remove them. This will instantly make your home look nicer and will prevent expensive damages in the future.

And that moss that’s growing up there? That is causing shingle damage and deterioration, which leads to more expensive repairs. And all that growth and water damage can cause mold which can lead to health issues.

Roof cleaning is between 3-5% of replacement costs. And never more than 10%.

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A new roof can easily cost $10,000. It’s much more affordable to spring $300-600 to clean up your roof and keep it maintained than it is to ignore problems until you completely need a new roof.

When you hire someone to do roof cleaning, make sure they’re representing a reputable business. Ask to see their credentials and copies of insurance so you know you’re protected.

Before hiring, call around and compare quotes before you choose someone to hire.

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