The Different Types Of Roofing

What types of roofing are there? What’s your roof made of? And if you’re installing a new roof, which is best for you?

There are a few main types of roofing available to you. And they all have pros and cons.

Asphalt shingles are the most common and popular, but roofs also come in wood, slate, metal, and tile.

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What you need to know about asphalt roofs

Popular, common, and affordable.

And they come in so many colors and styles–very flexible for different homeowner styles.

Asphalt types of roofing are also very easy to install and they work and hold up well in most environments/weather. Especially with their reliable waterproofing.

Darker colors do fade easier, and you’re probably familiar with those dark marks on asphalt shingles. The black marks are caused by an algae. You can use a sodium hypochlorite bleach solution and a freshwater rinse to reduce these marks.  

You can also get an algae-resistant version. This tile has copper granules in it which helps prevent algae growth.

Asphalt roofs last around 20 years but can amount to a 50 year life expectancy. Intense sun exposure and heat can reduce an asphalt roof lifespan.

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What you need to know about slate and tile roofs

Slate types of roofing looks sophisticated and natural and comes with many different styles and colors to choose from. It’s fire resistant, easy to maintain, and doesn’t rot.

And a slate roof’s life-expectancy is 100 years. Which is pretty great.

Of course, this roof is heavy and it comes with a pretty hefty price tag to boot.

Slate roofs are tough to install and easily broken when walked on, which can make gutter-cleaning and inspecting your roof tough to do.

Ceramic tile roofing materials are durable, fireproof, and have a 50-70 year life expectancy. They usually have a lot of character and they are fade-resistant.

But tile roofing has a similar disadvantage to slate. Durable though it may be, tile is also fragile when it comes to high winds and being walked on. And it is prone to eroding in areas with frequently changing weather.

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What you need to know about metal roofs

Metal types of roofing are easy to maintain, light, environmentally friendly, and are becoming more popular and viable.

They are tricky to install though, and should be done with an experienced roofing pro.

Metal roofs also lose their shine, but can be painted. Homeowners often prefer to paint the roof rather than replace the metal roof as it’s more affordable.

What you need to know about flat roofs

Flat types of roofing are not ideal as they are hard to maintain and you must actively work to keep water out.

Even flat roofs that have better water sealant need and extra coating often. And they usually only last around 15 years with expensive replacement costs.

Flat roofs must be cleaned often so that leaves and other debris don’t clog your drains. The sun and quickly fluctuating weather is also hard on flat roofs and can wear them out quickly

However, they can be an option for homeowners as they are less expensive and easier to walk on. Which often leads to easier and less expensive repairs on average.

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What you need to know about wood/cedar roofs

Wood types of roofing are natural, renewable, and considerably eco-friendly.

Many green-conscious homeowners prefer wood options because it’s considered more sustainable, has minimal impact on the environment, and the water-runoff is much cleaner.

Wood roofs last around 30+ years.

Wood roofs often need to meet state office of insurance regulations and that can impact your replacement and repairs.

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