Get Funding To Upgrade Your Home Or Business And Save Thousands

With investment in green energy rising, there are many financing/funding options available that you should take advantage of soon.

One major funding option will end at the end of 2019–the solar tax credit which allows homeowners to save 30% off solar installation costs. On average, homeowners are saving about $5,000 with this tax credit.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, there are many resources available to you.


Energy saving programs can help you transition fully to green energy in your own home by providing incentives. These incentives can make going green much more affordable.

FEMP (The Federal Energy Management Program) has an energy incentive program which helps federal agencies use incentives and educates them on all funding options available for their state.

You, as a homeowner, may also take advantage of the ITC, a 30% residential solar energy tax credit. There are also other federal and state tax incentives or rebates available to you

Use ENERGY STAR’s rebate finder to find rebates in your area.

Use the Home Professionals pro-finder below and get connected to your rebates and incentives, as well as the best pros and deals in your area.


Whether you’re looking to purchase a solar energy system for your business, or you’ve been put in charge of meeting carbon emission reduction goals, there are plenty of options for green energy funding, incentives, and loans your office can take advantage of today.

ENERGY STAR has access to many of these programs and tools you will want to utilize.

The ENERGY STAR website will help you access energy efficiency requirements, bench-marking policies, and tools and resources to help your business be more energy efficient.

You may also want to search for state energy incentives and funding.

You save even more money when you compare several quotes from your local professionals. Save time on the research and get connected fast when you use the Home Professionals pro-finder below.


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  1. Great recommendations for commercial solar installation funding! We all benefit from both residential and commercial solar. Everyone working together towards our renewable energy goals. Every little bit helps.

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