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Cut Your Energy Bill Down Drastically By Using Green Energy

Renewable energy can slice your dreaded monthly energy bill down.

Green energy is renewable energy, and it’s all about efficiency.

Green energy reduces your carbon footprint and saves you a lot of money when you choose it over fossil fuel energy (coal/oil).

Heating and cooling can be the biggest money spender (and waster) in your home, but it doesn’t have to be. Invest in a few changes and save yourself money in the future.

Green Energy Power Systems

The biggest green energy savers are home/business energy systems.

Solar or hydro-power systems can save their owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Green energy companies, such as your local solar professionals, can help you with the process of going green.

This process would include calculating energy needs, assessing size of operation and power demands, and accessing permits to meet state and federal regulations.

They can also help you access the right federal and state tax incentives to save you even more money when you upgrade.

Reduce The Energy You’re Already Using

There are other ways to utilize green energy and stay more energy-efficient until you can actually upgrade.

Though it doesn’t save as much as upgrading to solar, it can help reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint until then.

Simply reduce the electricity you use.

Shut off lights you aren’t immediately using, don’t run technology when you’re not using it, power off electricity before you leave, and unplug necessities when you go on vacation.

Don’t use ac/heating more than you must and turn it down/up according to the season while you’re out of home or on vacation. Use curtains to keep out/in heat or cool air.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Opt for energy-efficient appliances and smart tech to help manage energy waste.

Favor natural lighting over lightbulbs and opt for LED energy-efficient bulbs to save money and energy.

Use a smart thermostat to schedule temperature changes and keep your ac/heating steady and bills lower.

Insulate and weatherproof your home by sealing and weatherstripping any gaps or opening that may let your warm/cool air out.

Invest in an energy-efficient electric water heater to save on heating bills.

Even if you can’t invest in a full solar system now, using one panel or solar lights to power your outdoor lights can save you money by being energy efficient with green energy.

Use ENERGY STAR approved appliances to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Sometimes there are tax incentives for just upgrading appliances to be more energy-efficient.

Utilize Nature When You Can

Utilize shading, water, and sunlight to get a head-start on energy-saving.

Large trees and shrubs help shade a home during the summer, reducing cooling costs.

Simple things, like conserving water wherever possible and opening your windows instead of running ac during nights and cooler days, can go a long ways for your wallet.

Solar is more affordable than ever and there is funding for qualifying homeowners. Find out if you qualify for solar funding today.

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