How Solar Impacts Your Future

What's your solar future? You've heard a lot about solar energy. But what does it mean for you? Get the details today.

Solar is an important resource to research given the obvious state of climate change and its impact on the environment, as well as the fact that most of our fossil fuel resources are dwindling quickly. But what’s your solar future?

The U.S. might be a top contributor to greenhouse gases, but we are also one of the top producing countries for going solar. So, we know we need the power, and we’re trying to move to more sustainable alternatives that won’t mess up our future.

Solar Energy Growth

Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the U.S. It’s estimated that the U.S.  had 23 gigawatts of installed solar potential in 2016, which is enough to power around 5 million homes. And IHS predicted that the total global solar output will reach 500 gigawatts by 2019.

There has been a great increase in solar power installation since 2011, and this transition represents a global energy shift towards sustainability. And the solar industry is only expected to keep growing.

Solar Panels

What this means for your solar future: Solar energy is becoming the norm and is predicted to outgrow fossil fuel use. Expect to be joining the smart home and alternative energy movement as research and demand makes solar energy more affordable and competitive.

Solar Energy Savings

Solar energy saves homeowners thousands in energy bills over the years.

Solar PV systems have become more efficient and much more affordable as research has been funded and demand has been increased. Not only are there tax incentives for going solar, there are even some programs put out by solar companies that allow you to install your solar system for next to nothing. The idea being that you rent the system from the solar company for a reduced electric rate.

It’s our opinion that the more accessible solar energy becomes, the more we are likely to see programs like this become the norm. However, it’s hard to know if those tax incentives will stick around as solar becomes increasingly popular.

Additionally, solar energy systems also increase your home value. So, even if you end up selling your home, you can expect your solar panel investment to boost your home’s value in the market.

Solar future of your home

What this means for your solar future: Going solar might be the best decision ever for you. You may save money with solar energy, and solar increases your home value. Thanks to increasing demand, it’s more affordable than ever to go solar.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar:

Q: Is There A Solar Program That Is 100% Free?

A: No. There are programs without any enrollment, install, or maintenance costs. However, you still have to pay the lower power bill that comes accompanied with your electricity use.

Q: What Program Offers The Most Savings?

A: There are some solar programs where you can purchase and own the panels. The benefit with these programs is you usually see even more savings throughout the lifetime of the panels than you would with the other solar equipment programs. Many homeowners decide it is worth the investment to increase their savings.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

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Q: Are solar panels environmentally friendly?

A: Solar panels are better than fossil fuels and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, however, they are still being perfected. Solar energy is very environmentally friendly, but the manufacturing and disposal process for solar panels has some environmental problems.

Q: Are solar panels flammable?

A: The plastic on the back of the solar panels is considered flammable. Which means if there is a fire that comes in contact with the roof, the plastic can ignite as a flammable material and feed the fire.


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