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Solar Shingles Vs. Solar Panels

Solar shingles or solar panels? Which is better?

Solar power may be the obvious energy option for many homeowners now, but should you go with solar panels or solar shingles?

Solar Panels

solar panels on home
Solar panels are more affordable with more funding options than ever before.

Solar panels have been around a while, but thanks to research and funding, they’re more affordable now than ever. Solar panel efficiency rate is very high all things considering.

In order to install solar panels, you should have a good roof, preferably newer or maintained, as the solar panels will last almost as long as your roof. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be a brand new roof, but it should be in good repair.

There are many incentives and programs to get solar panels now. The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) allows you to take 30% off of your solar panel installation. Many homeowners save around $5000 with the ITC.

The Power Purchase Agreement program offers homeowners installed solar energy for $0 down. Of course you wouldn’t own the system. But you would get a lot of the benefits of solar energy for a very affordable price.

Or you can get a solar loan or lease to get your solar panels.

Solar panels can be installed on many different types of roofs, on lawns, on sheds, on the sides of houses, etc. It all depends on where you get the best sunlight.

Solar Shingles

solar shingles on home
Solar shingles can be made to look much like any roof. PC:

Solar shingles aren’t brand new, but they’re newer than solar panels. And even more recently they’ve actually become more available for people.

The nice thing about solar shingles is that they’re easy to install. They’re simply installed like a regular roof. Sometimes, this means you can get a lower roofing and solar cost since you’re getting them together. Also, fewer solar shingles may be needed to get adequate solar power.

Solar shingles are very tough and durable and can serve as even further protection to your roof from storms and debris. And some homeowners really prefer the way they look.

Solar shingles look much like any other roofing material and lay flat to the roof, so you can hardly tell you have them from street-view.

Though, solar shingles may have a few less funding options, there are still energy-efficiency tax credits you can take advantage of.

Choosing Your Solar

Solar panels and solar shingles have about the same rate of efficiency. Which means homeowners have more options to choose from when it comes to going solar.

Both options will save you money on energy. Ultimately it’s about which programs and incentives will fit your budget and home.

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