Texas Is Going Green And It Makes Incredible Financial Sense

Solar is huge in Texas. The Lone Star State leads the way in smarter, more independent energy.

Solar makes Texas homeowners a lot of money. 

Yes, a lot.

Solar is huge in Texas

Texas has so much sun power it’s kind of insane. 

Texas is positioned to be a heavy-weight champion in solar energy and to lead the way in solar business. 

And solar panels will increase homeowners independence and self-sufficiency in the Lone Star State. 

With the energy costs as they are in Texas, Solar totally blows all competition away in its energy-efficiency and money-saving features.

Texas Cities Are Already Banking On Solar

Georgetown, Texas, is one of the most conservative spots in the country. And it’s one of the first cities in the U.S. to be 100% powered by renewable energy. 

An amazing accomplishment based in business sense and independence. 

The mayor of Georgetown, Dale Ross, is behind making the significant renewable energy change. He stated that “first and foremost, it was a business decision.” 

Solar energy makes us more independent and self-sustaining–allowing us to disconnect from drastic price fluctuations and outside politics.

And while it may be an investment up front, it saves hundreds of thousands in the long run.

Every Texas Homeowner Should Have Solar Panels

Because solar works so amazingly in Texas, a solar investment starts paying for itself immediately. 

Until the end of this year, you can effectively put 30% of your solar installation costs right back into your pocket with the solar initiative (ITC). 

Add in state incentives and rebates and the panels start to feel like they’re actually paying for themselves to move in with you. 

Texas led the nation in oil when it made business and financial sense. Obviously, Texas would lead the way towards smarter, more independent energy today.

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