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3 Reasons You Need A Roofing Professional

Before you start to feel the drip, drip, drip of a leaky roof, or have snow cave your attic in mid-winter, you’ll want a dependable roofing professional.

Before you start to feel the drip, drip, drip of a leaky roof, or have snow cave your attic in mid-winter, you’ll want a dependable roofing professional.

And how do you know you need a roofing professional?

Reason 1 – Save Money: Yeah, it’s actually more affordable to hire a professional roofer than it is to DIY it. How? They have all the tools you need already (and there are quite a few unique tools). And they know how to do the roof right the first time. So any expenses you’d add if you did things wrong would be obsolete with a roofer. They also know if a roof needs a total makeover (preventing serious damages later on) or just some minor touch ups (saves you money). Oh, and warranties…if things don’t work out, their work and materials are backed up. Saves you money there too.

Reason 2 – Better Quality: Roofers know exactly what material is best for your roof and the climate you live in. They also have extensive experience with fixing and installing roofs, so already their work is going to be better quality. Oh, and were warranties mentioned?…Warranties mean quality work and material or your money back.

Reason 3 – You Know What’s Best: You know for sure which roofer is going to do the best work because, by this time, you’ve already done your homework. That means checking online reviews and getting quotes from at least 3 roofing professionals. Check out our article on the 5 most important questions to ask your roofing professional for more help. You know you’re ready for a roofing professional when you feel confident with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean if my roof has little ridges in it that make it look something like wet paper?

A: You’re going to want to check with your workman or material warranties, because this won’t be a cheap fix.
The moisture in your home is leaking through your roof panels as they weren’t sealed with foam they way they were supposed to be. The felt in your roofing expands and it pushes your shingles up into little ridges–they don’t go back to normal even when they dry.
Moisture can really damage your roof and cause a lot of long-term and much more expensive problems. So it is better to just take care of this now.
Contact your roofing pros to help you figure out where those leaks are occurring with thermographic imaging. Get this taken care of before it gets way out of hand.

Q: Ice is clogging my gutters and causing problems as it melts and freezes night and day. What do I do?

A: Most likely heat from your home is getting through to your roof due to leaks; poor ventilation is keeping it trapped. The roof melts the snow which then becomes ice in your gutters.
Ridge and soffit vents should be installed in your roof to prevent this problem. If you have them, make sure insulation isn’t blocking them.
If you can’t get these vents installed, you may want to try cooling the warm spots of your roof with a fan to prevent the problem. Your best bet is to contact your roofing professional and take care of your problem before it becomes bigger.

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  1. Thanks for the tips to be sure I pick the best professional roofer. We noticed that our living room has a few coloration issues that look like a water leak. My husband wanted to do it himself, but I think a professional will be the better option. You make a great point and I’ll be showing my husband the prices of all the tools he would have to get or rent. Hopefully, that will convince him that it will be better to find a professional to do our roof and fix the leak.

  2. Thanks for your comment about how you should hire a roofing professional so that you don’t end up paying a lot more trying to fix it yourself. I like how you said that they are experienced and have the proper tools to fix it for you. My husband and I are considering hiring professional roofers to repair some shingles that were knocked off and damages made to our roof in the most recent storm.

  3. Ofcourse DIY is okay but not advisable for all industries. To fix a roof, one should have a strong knowledge about how to install, handling the tools, time consume, safety precautions etc., Based on the seasons, the roof surfaces might be quite different. For example, in winter season the roofs will be slippery. So installation in winter season by DIY is not recommended always. Choose professional roofers those who have got ISO certified, Experience, Insurance claim facility in case of damages and so forth.

  4. My husband and I have a roof with a hole in it, and we are wondering if we should perform the repairs ourselves or call a company to help. So I appreciate you pointing out that a contractor will have better materials to use in your home.

  5. My wife and I are wanting to fix a leak in our roof, but we aren’t sure how to choose a good roofing company. I like your point about how roofers have extensive experience with install rooves and offer warranties. We want to make sure the repair is built to last, so we’ll have to find a company with lots of experience and who offers warranties.

  6. I’m glad that you talk about how hiring a professional is more affordable since they already have the necessary tools and can do it correctly the first time. When choosing a professional, it would probably be a good idea to figure out which type of roof you want and find one that has experience installing and working on that kind. This could ensure that it lasts as long as possible and provides the protection you want for your home.

  7. Thank you for letting me know that hiring a professional can actually save me money. Money is tight so I will need to look more into finding a roofing service that is actually affordable. Also the tips about warranties means quality work. I’ll also make sure they are willing to get into a contract.

  8. My father has been thinking he should try to fix the roof himself, but I think that’s a terrible idea–especially since he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It was helpful when you mentioned that hiring a professional can help one save money, as they won’t have to pay to make and fix their mistakes. Thanks for sharing how important it is to hire a professional roofer; these points could really help keep my dad from doing something crazy.

  9. I didn’t know that you can actually save money by hiring a professional roofer rather than to do it yourself. I have some roofing problems and I would much rather hire someone than attempt to do it myself and potentially hurt myself doing something that I don’t even know what to do. Thanks for the pointer.

  10. Hopefully, I would be able to save money by getting a new roof. Since a roofing professional has a better quality of output, I’ll just hire them. I’m pretty sure that I’ve done enough homework to realize that it’s cheaper to have an expert do it instead so I’ll just ask around and hire a good one.

  11. I’m in need of some roof repair. Going with a professional would be my best bet. That way, I’ll be sure that I’m getting the right roof repairs done on my home.

  12. Thanks for pointing out reasons you need a roof professional. My husband and I are thinking about hiring roofers to repair our roof because our shingles are starting to peel a lot. I think that it would just help ensure that the job was done right so we wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

  13. I like what you said about hiring a professional roofer when it comes to getting those repairs up on the top of the house done since they’re the ones who know how to deal with it and what kind of material to use when they start fixing the roof. At the same time, the roofers know how to give good quality service when it comes to repairing since they know what to do and how to do it right. While I haven’t the chance to get a proper roofing repair done yet, at least I know what to look for if and when I would be needing their services.

  14. I like what you said about professional roofers knowing which materials will work best for your roof. My brother has been telling me about how a hole in his roof has been letting water into his bathroom recently. I’ll share this information with him so that he can find professionals that can help him fix this issue.

  15. I like that you said a roofer knows how to get the job done the first time around. My cousin told me that he was thinking about repairing his own roof. I think I’ll suggest that he find a professional to help instead.

  16. It’s awesome that professionals can save you money on your roof repairs since they already have all of the tools that will be needed for the job. My wife and I have noticed that our roof has been leaking into our bedroom recently, and we’d like to make sure that this gets fixed. We’ll be sure to look into our options for professionals who can help us with this.

  17. I found it interesting when you said that a roofing contractor will choose the right materials according to your roof and climate. My mother is thinking about replacing her old roof, and we are looking for advice. I will let her know about the benefits of hiring a roofing contractor to ensure the quality of the job.

  18. I liked it when you said that roofers understand the climate you live in and can pick materials accordingly. I just moved into a new home last month, and I noticed some damage on the roof that must have been caused in a recent hail storm. I will be sure to hire a professional roofer so that I can ensure my roof is done with material that has the best chance against hail damage.

  19. When you mentioned that roofers know exactly what material is best for your roof, I started thinking about my own roof and about how I need to check its integrity. The other day my husband told me that he noticed that there are algae on our roof and that we need to fix it. I have never had to contact a roofer so I am not sure what to expect, but I am glad I read this article to learn a bit more about their profession.

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