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Ceiling Treatments: What You Need To Know

What’s your ceiling treatment? What’s it made of and which type would be best for you in the future?

Here are a few things you should know.

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Drywall Ceiling Treatments

Drywall ceilings are the most common type of ceiling in homes. It’s simply drywall which is attached to your joists with nails. Drywall is easy because it can be painted, textures, or even wallpapered if you’d like.

Drywall is applied when it is thinned out with water and then applied with a spray or roller (provides texture). More texture can be created with a trowel specifically for drywall.

Plaster Ceilings

Very popular before the 1930’s, plaster was used because it was so adaptable to many different types of buildings (all shapes and sizes).

It’s not as popular anymore because the creation and installation of plaster is hard and takes more time. And it’s costlier than drywall.

However, it does have great noise absorption and insulating qualities (could help bring down those energy bills).

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Drop Ceilings

Popular in older homes, drop ceilings are made of a metal grid which hangs down with acoustical panels. This will form a solid surface for your ceiling.

Drop ceilings are great for easy access to plumbing/electrical work. And it also has great insulation and sound absorption.

These ceilings can get dirty easily and tend to sag from humid air over time. But they’re easy enough to fix up. And they provide easy access to wiring and pipes, which can be nice.

But many homeowners still opt for drywall as it’s easier to style how they like.

Other Types Of Ceiling Treatments

In addition to these types of ceilings, there are some alternative options.

Metal ceilings are more expensive, but they come in a large variety of designs. And they’re unique. They can look very sleek in tin, brass and copper. Metal ceilings are also resistant to moisture and fire, a big bonus.

Plastic tile is a more affordable option and also has a lot of variety in styles. Plastic tiles offer good insulation and are even fire resistant. They’re also easy to install by being nailed up or stuck up on an existing ceiling with an adhesive back. Though it may not be best for the environment.

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Cork ceilings are both environmentally friendly and affordable. Waxed cork tiles are shiny and more textured and unwaxed cork is more natural looking. Both cork types are good at insulating and fire resistant.

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