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The Cost Of A Roof Inspection

In general, roofers will consider a roof inspection in two different ways.

The first is when you already have damage and you need to figure out how bad it is and what needs to be done for your roof. Most of the time, your roofing contractors will do this for free.

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The second is an inspection you get every year. It’s a maintenance inspection to make sure your roof is in good shape, and it may include some minor repairs. In this case, the roofer will charge a maintenance inspection fee.

On average, a roof inspection will be anywhere between $0 and $300 depending on what kind of repairs may need to be done. Though it’s more likely you’ll pay on the lower end of things if your roof is in good repair.

Sometimes your check will include an interior roof inspection, but not always, so make sure to clarify what’s included before you hire your contractor.

Common Checks That Are Included In A Roof Inspection

  • Overall inside and outside health of your roof
  • Missing shingles or shingles that are curling or broken which need to be repaired
  • Water damage, places where water could potentially pool and cause damage, and any repairs that might need to be made because of water damage
  • Leaks or cracks that could become a problem
  • Condition of roofing parts such as your gutters, chimneys, sky windows, drains, and your flash points

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Why You Need An Annual Roof Inspection

An annual maintenance inspection is strongly recommended.

Just like anything else, keeping on top of repairs and issues before they become big issues can save you a lot of money down the road. So it’s’ a lot better to just pay to maintain now than feel sorry and pay a lot later.

Check out this guide on how to hire the best roofing pro for you.

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