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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Gutters Cleaned

Keeping your gutters cleaned is an important part of roof maintenance.

Your gutters move rain water and snow melt away from your home and your foundation. And if they’re clogged or blocked, they can’t serve that important function.

Clogged gutters can fail to keep water away from your foundation, which will cause water to seep into your house’s foundation. This creates mold and water damage. And when that water freezes, it will crack the foundation of your home.

Blocked gutters can also leak water into your roof and cause water damage and rot.

Both situations create spaces for expensive damage, big issues, and opening for animals and pests to get in and wreck your home even more.

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Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Gutters Cleaned

  • If your gutters are damaged or broken, they should be promptly replaced
  • Depending on your location, you may have to get your gutters cleaned more. In a dessert, you might be able to go longer. In a state where leaves fall, you should probably clean them twice a year
  • Clean them in the fall after all the leaves and debris have fallen before winter
  • Clean them in the spring after trees have seeded
  • Clean them after major storms
  • If you live in a very forested area, you may have to clean them several times a year
  • Keep an eye on your gutters through the year. You’ll learn how often they need attention and what causes blockage
  • Don’t forget your down-spout gutters (the ones that release out into your yard from your top roof gutters. They need to be cleaned out too

Tools To Help Keep Your Gutters Cleaned

  • Inserts: Inserts are affordable and easy to put in your gutter. They fill your gutter with something like foam, which will allow water to flow through while blocking clutter. However, they will still need to be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Debris can fill it up and block up your gutter over time still.
  • Screens: Screens are diverse in both design and cost. Screens cover your gutter and prevents debris from settling inside your gutter. Of course these will need to be cleaned and sometimes replaced now and then.
  • Reverse Curves: Reverse curves are more expensive and require a roofing contractor to install. This mechanic on a gutter directs rain fall over the curve and uses gravity to cause the clutter to fall off your roof. They don’t take a lot of work. But they do have issues with pooling water in heavy water-flow.

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DIY Approach To Clearing Your Gutters

This a popular DIY project for homeowners. And it’s pretty manageable if you are able-bodied, feel comfortable with heights, and have the right tools.

But it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Have a good ladder: You need an appropriate ladder based on the height of your home. It should lock securely and steps should be in place. Keep the ladder on level, steady ground. Sometimes you may need to level it with plywood or something like that under the legs.
  • Safe ladder practices: Having a spotter to hold the legs of the ladder sturdy is always a great extra precaution. Keep one hand and both legs on the ladder to balance yourself.
  • Do not place ladder on gutters: Gutters are lightweight and won’t support that pressure. They may break or bend.
  • Attach a bucket: You always want use of both hands. Attach a bucked with a rope or lanyard to the ladder shelf.
  • Good Gloves: Wear gloves to keep your hands clean from animal scat and to keep them safe from sharp sticks and debris.
  • Rubber Shoes: These are good for walking on the roof.
  • Protect your eyes: Good to keep from injuring your eyes and from dust, animal scat, bugs, and pests living in the clutter.
  • Gutter Scoop: Helps to remove large clumps of debris at once.

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Hiring Someone To Clean Your Gutters Out

Maybe you have difficulty reaching your gutters or you simply don’t want to do that chore.

You’re option then would to be to hire a pro.

Many contractors charge a flat fee per foot but can change if the job is more difficult.

You should expect to pay anywhere between $70 – $250 for gutter cleaning. The price would fluctuate based on damage, amount of gutter to clean, and difficulty of the task.

Just like any other pro, make sure to compare quotes and hire someone reliable.

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