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Hail Damage: Knowing What’s Fact And What’s Myth

Hail is a notorious roof-damaging agent.

But you should know the difference between hail fact and fiction before you get the necessary help to keep your roof in good repair no matter what.

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Fact or Myth #1

MYTH: I don’t see hail damage on my roof. So I don’t need an inspection.

FACT: Hail can weaken roofs in a way that will cause them to fail in a short span (usually a year or two). Hail damage is not always immediately noticeable and doesn’t always have an immediate impact.

Since not caring for hail damage immediately can void your roofing warranty, you should get your roof inspected by a professional for potential damage after a storm.  

Fact or Myth #2

MYTH: Hail isn’t that damaging.

FACT: It really is. It travels up to 75 feet/second. Add in velocity and size and that can add up to a whole lot of damage.

Fact or Myth #3

MYTH: Not filing an insurance claim on a hail damaged roof will keep your insurance rates low.

FACT: Insurance rates go up for everyone after a local disaster. That usually happens no matter what. If you don’t file a claim, you’re just not getting the help you need.

And it also means you may void your roofing warranty. This makes taking care of the issues caused by the damage later much more expensive.

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Fact or Myth #4

MYTH: I have a manufacturer warranty for my new roof. That means I don’t have to file for hail damage insurance claim.

FACT: The manufacturer for your roof will cover things they alone can control (things like defects). Not acts of nature.

Fact or Myth #5

MYTH: If people can’t see my hail damage, the value of my home’s resale value won’t be affected.

FACT: Almost every homebuyer is going to have your house inspected before they buy it. The inspector will likely find the hail damage. Which means you’ll either have to pay to replace the roof yourself or lose out on your sale price.

Fact or Myth #6

MYTH: Small hail doesn’t cause damage.

FACT: All hail can cause damage. You just might not see it as drastically. So avoid all the expensive repairs and loss of warranties, get your roof inspected after you’ve experienced hail.

Fact or Myth #7

MYTH: Don’t I have up to a year to file a hail damage insurance claim?

FACT: It all depends on your insurance company. So make sure you know your time-frame and get it done before it runs out.

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Fact or Myth #8

MYTH: If my neighbor got their hail damage insurance claim approved, I will too.

FACT: Because hail is sporadic and doesn’t hit each area the same, each property has to be evaluated on their own. And your neighbor might also have a different insurance policy and company.

The takeaway from this is, all hail can cause damage.

You may not see the damage right away. And if you leave damage for too long you can lose out on financial help, void your roof manufacturer warranty, and end up with far more expensive roof repairs.

You might even have to totally replace your roof. Which can be extremely expensive.

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