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Hail Damaged Roof? Handle It With These 3 Stress-Free Steps

Check Your Roof And Gutters

After a nasty storm, you should check out your gutters and roof for any signs of damage. 

Sometimes this damage can look very minimal or may even be barely noticeable. So, if the storm was big enough, you’ll probably want to hire a contractor to inspect your roof anyways. Otherwise, you can contract for large dents/cracks/damage you can see. 

It’s important to check your roof and gutters out since hail damage can be sneaky, as it starts small and then devolves into a big, wet, expensive mess. 

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Assess The Damage To Your Roof

Look for damaged granules from your tiles that collect in your gutters. This deterioration can compromise your roof integrity and block your gutters which can cause water to leak into your home and foundation.

Also watch for signs of dimpling (tiny indents), missing or damaged shingles, and damage around chimneys and skylights. 

Being on your roof can be dangerous business. Hiring a roofing contractor to inspect your roof can protect you from financial and physical harm. 

Roofing professionals have liability insurance and the experience and licenses necessary to read your roof for damage that might not be apparent to the untrained eye. They can catch small issues quickly before they become big issues. 

Also, your roof is often insured and covered under warranty with professional help rather than DIY. 

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File Insurance Claim

If you’re at this step you may be tempted to stress. Don’t. You’re doing exactly the right thing. 

After you’ve got your roof checked out, and your roofing pro recommends fixing some problems, you can file for an insurance claim. 

Even if you suspect your roof has damage after a storm you can contact your insurance company and ask them about what they cover and if they’ll cover an inspection. 

Just don’t wait long. If too much time lapses between the storm and the insurance claim your claim may be denied. And you really do want to get your roof fixed. These small issues can get really big and expensive if they’re left unattended. 

Remember to gather and compare several quotes and practice safe hiring techniques.

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