Roofing Types, Tips, and How To’s

Locate Roof Leaks Quickly Before They Do More Damage

Any roof leaks, no matter how small, can cause big issues and expensive damages.

Roof leaks are caused by roofing damage (such as missing tiles, cracked sealant, blocked gutters, etc.).

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In order to prevent roof leaks, get annual roof inspections for damage, wear, and tear.

You should also inspect your roof for damages after bigger storms.

Storms are a leading cause of roof damage. After big storms, you should inspect or hire someone to inspect your roof properly.

Look for missing or cracked shingles, granule deposits, tree branches, gutter blockage, etc.

You’ll also want to check the attic for water damage or leaking. Check it out
with a flashlight when it’s raining. Mark anywhere that has leaking or water. That way you can follow through with repairs after it rains.

You’ll also want to inspect your ceiling for any brown or yellow stains. This usually indicates water pooling and means your roof is leaking.

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