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Metal Roofing: What You Should Know Before You Buy

While metal roofing might typically be seen as proper for a farmhouse, it’s becoming increasingly popular for residential homes.

In fact it can be quite versatile and can be made to look like shingles, slate, and tile roofs. And it can be finished with many different colors to match your personal style.

Metal roofing is popular because it is long-lasting–around 60 years while a shingle roof may only last 20.

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Metal Roofing Finishing And Color

The finish of a metal roof include primer, paint, and protective coating, which helps it last longer than an asphalt roof. This protection keeps your metal roof looking good for a lot longer.

And metal roofing can be painted to reflect different styles if you change your mind about it later. And that’s far more affordable than buying a new roof.

Metal Roofing And The Environment

Environmentally speaking, metal roofs are long-lasting, easy to transport, and require little maintenance. And you can recycle it at the end of its endurance.

Yes, it is more pricey upfront, but a metal roof will last much longer than most roofs, making it more affordable.

If you keep your home, the metal roof will last. If you plan to sell your home, the metal roof increases your home value and increases its curb appeal.

Metal roofs almost always meet ENERGY STAR program approval for lowering oil-dependence, decreasing your carbon footprint, and reducing your energy costs.

Energy-efficient metal roofs can lower your energy costs as it reflects sunlight and heat away from your home rather than absorbing it into your attic and home like asphalt will.

This means more money saved for you!

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Metal Roofing And Sound

Metal roofs are not noisy.

Metal roofs are installed with narrow boards over the underlayment, which insulates sounds and heat transfer.

Metal Roofing And Professional Installation

Metal roof longevity depends on good and proper installation techniques.

If a metal roof is poorly installed, it can show oil canning (deformation of otherwise smooth texture) and improper shrinking and expanding because of temperature changes. Skip this by protecting your investment with proper installation.

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Metal Roofing And Hiring A Roofing Professional

When you hire a roof contractor, make sure they have experience in metal roofing.

While the demand is rising, it may take a little more looking around to find a roofing pro that has actual experience installing a metal roof.

When you get an official estimate of your costs, it should be after they visit your home, measure your roof specifications, and decide how they’re going to install it.

Also, they will determine whether or not your other roof has to be taken out or if it can be roofed over. They should also give you a drawn out workman and material warranty.

Ask to see the finished metal product before it goes on your roof.

The two usual metals are 29 gauge metal, which is very thin metal, and the 14 gauge metal, which is more substantial.

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