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How to Pick The Most Attractive Roof Color For Your Home

Your roof color matters.  Attractive house colors boosts curb appeal and increases the value of your home.

Every decision you make, big or small, about your home will add or detract from your home’s value and individuality.

Homes should reflect the homeowner’s comfort and style. And there are many different options out there to suit styles that will increase your home’s resale value.

One of these important decisions is your roof color.

What color you choose, which material you use, if you add skylights or not, gutters…all of it can impact your resale value.

And the roof investment is going to last anywhere from 20 to over 50 years, so you know you want to make the best decision possible.

So once you decide on material, you have a variety of colors and then shade combinations to choose from.

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When to Consider the Color of Your Roof?

More often than not the most common time people consider the color of their roof is when they are building a new home and are starting from scratch on everything. But there are actually a number of different times throughout the life of a home that it is important to consider the color of the roof.

  • Perhaps you’ve noticed some signs that your roof needs repair and you’ve decided to get them fixed; this could be a time you choose to change your roof all-together.
  • Maybe an unfortunate storm took out a large portion of the roof and it’s time to get it replaced.
  • It could be time to add solar to the house and so you are adjusting the roofing anyway.
  • Or you could just absolutely hate the color of your roof and you are ready to get it replaced.

Understanding Your Home

A beautiful home

It is important to know what you’re getting into! Which is why we like to consider the permanence of a roofing color first.

Changing the colors of accents, such as shutters, is pretty easy. Painting your home is also within affordability. So if you really didn’t like it over time, changing the walls of your home is within reach. And brick is the toughest of all to change–almost impossible.

When choosing a roof, keep in mind how hard it might be to change anything else if you decided you didn’t like.

Compare your potential roof shingles to the more permanent parts of your home. Then compare it with paint and accents.

You’ll most likely want to adjust for the more permanent home fixtures, then the less permanent. Then, if a roof color you love doesn’t fit super well with paint or accents, you can budget those changes accordingly.

It’s important to note that the colors will look different in varying lights and different times of day. So check your chosen color against your home in different lights.

Understanding Roof Color

Metal roofing with dark red shingles


Metal roofing is becoming more popular. Find out why!

Don’t Choose A Roof Color That Perfectly Matches Your Home

Monotone, one-color homes are boring.

You want a roof that will color compliment your home, but it doesn’t have to match the exact color. In fact, attractive house colors often include a semi-contrasting roof color.

If you’re not sure, ask someone with some experience like your roofing pro or a paint expert in your home improvement store.

Also, if your home has lots of fixtures, or is colorful with lots of personality, it’s generally a good idea to keep your roof very simple. That way it won’t be too busy or overwhelming.


Choosing Between A Light Or Dark Roof Color

Beautiful tan home

It’s really about which you like more and which one looks best on your home.

If you’re worried a darker color will hold more heat, trees do a lot more against the heat island problem that happens when the sun beats down on your roof. So instead of being concerned with dark colors, plant some trees!

There are some roofing materials that can help reflect heat, which will help you reduce your energy bill, so material is a good place to look as well.

Ultimately, you have to live with your roof and consider its resale value. So you should get what you like and what makes the most financial sense.

Painting Your Home After You’ve Chosen Your Roof


Are you concerned about painting your house a different color after having chosen your more permanent roof color? Don’t fret! We’ve got an easy way to discover if the color works well with your roof.

Simply paint a board in the color you want to paint your home with, then compare it against your roofing tiles. Remember that it will look a little different depending on the time of day, so  check the color combination against different times of day.

Also, don’t forget to check against the permanent materials on your home like the brick or concrete.

Consider Solar Panels

solar panels on the roof of a home

Energy-efficiency sells; which means that adding solar panels to your roof can greatly increase the resale value. 

Aside from resale value, solar panels can save you money now, while you’re living in the home! After installation (which can be made much less expensive through rebates), you instantly begin saving money on each energy bill.


Solar Panel Questions to Ask Yourself:

Solar panels will affect the way your roof looks though; so this is why you want to consider whether solar may be an option now or in the future and compare potential roofing colors to the panels and make sure  the roof color your choosing will fit well with the solar panels.

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Keep Resale Value In Mind

Whether you plan to move or not, keeping your home’s value in mind is always important. Life is unpredictable, after-all.

Usually homes with more neutral, color-complimentary, and energy-efficient roofing sell well.

Ultimately, it’s your home and your individuality. Find something that you love that can also work with these guidelines, and you’ll probably be very happy with your decisions.

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