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The 7 Item Roof Checklist You Need After Every Big Storm

Whether you live in a high-wind area, or you’ve recently weathered some bad storms, your roof should be checked for damage.

Your roof can usually handle regular storms and winds. And any damage that occurs from those events are usually taken care of during your roof inspection every once or twice a year.

But damage sustained from these more severe storms can cause issues that could devolve into expensive and bigger damages if they’re not taken care of quickly.

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And these damages can start as something barely noticeable such as a crack or damaged roof tiles.

Your two main concerns for these damages come from poor workmanship on your roof (from a diy project or a previous roofing contractor) and flying debris from high-wind and heavy storms.

And if you did your research on your previous roofing pro, they should have workmanship warranties that will financially backup issues with their work.  

After every high wind storm passes, you should safely walk over your roof to inspect it for damages.

Stop those issues while they’re small and way before they become big financial problems.

Effect of hail on roofing

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Perform this 7 item checklist after you endure high winds and heavy storms:

  1. Remove debris such as branches. Clean up your roof and make sure the debris did no damage
  2. Check nearby trees for broken, dead limbs that could cause damage in the future
  3. Check for loose or missing roof tiles/shingles/vents and their covers/ridge caps
  4. Clean out cluttered, loose, or broken gutters or roof drains
  5. Check for breaking, cracking, and other damage to and around your skylights and chimney
  6. Check out units on your roof such as AC/solar panels/etc for any damage and move debris off of them. Usually these things are covered by warranties if you installed and bought them from professionals
  7. When the sun’s out, check out your attic to see if any water or sunlight is coming through the roof

If you don’t feel comfortable climbing around your roof, hire a professional to check out your roof for you.

Roof showing hail damage

We always strongly recommend that homeowners hire professional roofing contractors to fix their roof.

Your local roofing professionals have equipment to make the roof inspection and repairs safe, the tools ready to make quick work of a job that could take you days. They also have the necessary licensing and insurance to cover accidents.

Additionally, they should have warranties on their work. So if their prior work didn’t hold up, or doesn’t in the future, future financial burdens would be on their business and not you.

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