250 Watt Solar Panels Power Potential

250 watt solar panels are very popular for residential roofs, so many homeowners wonder how much energy one of those panels can generate in a day.

Most solar panels installed in 2019 are between 250 – 365 watts/panel. There are panels with power output that amounts to less or more than that, but most people find 250-365 watts more than enough.

Before you decide which solar panel power output you need, compare your energy use with the information below.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

To find the correct amount of solar panels for your home you should find out how many kWh of energy you use.

1kWh=1,000 watts of power per hour.

You can call your electricity company or find this amount in your monthly energy bill statement.

The US Energy Information Administration states the average annual electricity use for a U.S. residential citizen averages out to 897kWh/month or 30KWh/day.

After you find out your exact kWh of energy use per year, you can use this equation to figure out your ideal solar panel system size:

kWh per month / (avg sunlight per day * 30) = kW solar system

How many kWh of energy can my 250 watt solar panels produce?

Solar panel efficiency chart
Source: Solar Power Rocks

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Since 250 watts solar panels are common, we’ll use that solar panel wattage.

A simple way to figure out this number is to calculate it this way:

(hours of sunlight) x (wattage of your solar panel) = number of watts-hours

Let’s say you get 5 hours of direct sunlight and you have 250 watt solar panels. Then that panel alone would get 1,250 watts-hours (about 1.2-1.3kWh).

This would be about 438 – 474kWh of energy per panel per year.

Typically, homeowners get between 27 and 33 solar panels in order to eliminate their energy bill. And less panels than that if they just wanted to reduce their energy bills.

This number will change and depend on the size of your home, where you live, and how you typically use energy.

Obtain professional quotes on your direct sunlight hours and location before you make any decisions on the size of your solar panel power system.

2 kW2,8207
5 kW7,05017
6 kW8,46020
7 kW9,87023
Graph Source Credit: Energy Sage
*Number of panels needed rounded to the nearest panel, and assumes a production ration of 1.4

How Can I Get A Solar Panel System?

Studies show that homeowners who compare several quotes tend to get better prices and have shorter solar payback periods.

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