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7 Secrets You Need Today To Keep Homeownership Easy And Affordable

Homeownership doesn’t come cheap. And it’s not really easy.

But your neighbor, or father-in-law, and so-and-so down the street, make it look so easy.

You know who we’re talking about. We all know that one person.

So how do they do it and make it look effortless?

Simple. They know and follow these 7 homeowning secrets to keeping costs down and everything running smooth.

Because, truth is, home-owning is easier than ever.

You can do it too.

Do these 7 things today, and owning a home is going to feel 1000xs easier and more affordable for you.

Secret #1: Baby Your HVAC

The best thing you can do for your HVAC system is to keep it energy efficient.

That means annual check-ups to make sure it’s performing well—cleaning it up and preventing more serious break downs.  

So, get to know your HVAC pros—no one likes an expensive break down in the middle of the really hot/cold season.

Smart home technology is already integrating with HVAC systems, and this may potentially save you a lot of money. 

Smart thermostats, for example, can help homeowners consume energy more intelligently, save money, and reduce waste.

Depending on the system, home automation can even alert you to when your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, needs repairs, or must be maintained.

This can save you thousands in energy and repair costs.

Secret #2: Invest In Good Windows & Insulation

Imagine throwing hundreds of dollars out the window for the wind to take where it may.

That’s essentially what you’re doing if your windows are not properly sealed to keep your warm/cool air from leaking out.

There are a few DIY options, such as using heavy drapes, tube snakes (fabric tubes filled with sand), or a sealant foam along all the cracks.

These options do help, but there are better, long-term fixes with your home professional.

If you’ve got leaky windows, it’s really time to upgrade your home windows.

A home window pro can help you figure out what kind of windows (classic, sash, double-hung, fixed, double-paned, etc.) will best suit your needs in your unique home.

Budgeting your money to upgrade your home will pay off enormously in energy-savings, and it will add to your home value when you eventually sell.

Secret #3: Home Automation Makes Everything Better

You’ve heard a lot about how home automation can save you a lot of money.

Do a simple Google search, and it will pull up hundreds of articles of how much money you will save with smart-tech investments.

Home automation will improve the way you use energy, it can reduce your energy bills and increase your comfort, it will make your life easier, and it’s an important integration in energy-efficient living.

On top of comfort, home automation can save you 10% minimally over time.

That’s minimally. 

Meaning that’s without accounting for renewable energy and energy-efficient appliances.

And before you knock 10%…that’s literally thousands of dollars on energy bills over the years. Any smart homeowner knows that’s a valuable number.

Home automation really saves homeowners thousands on top of making their lives much more comfortable and efficient

Secret #4: Wrap Yourself In Security 


Home security is probably the most overlooked topic for affordable and easy homeownership, yet it can easily save you the most money.

Home security is probably the most overlooked topic for affordable and easy homeownership, yet it can easily save you the most money.

You don’t want a burglary to be the first time home security pops into your head.

You may think home security is too expensive, but that’s not true. Home security systems can start small and be built upon according to a monthly budget.

And when contrasted with the amount of tangible and emotional cost a break-in would cost you…well, there’s really no price point on how much home security saves you.

Start out with something as simple as automatic floodlights (come on when they sense motion) or a doorbell camera (see who is at your door whether you’re home or not).

Furthermore, most home security and home automation companies offer great package deals on home security kits.

There is a large range of home security plans and systems, which can fit any budget easily. And we strongly recommend protecting yourself with security cameras and alarm systems.

The best part of this is the little-known-fact that a home security system can shave off up to 20% of your home insurance costs.

Secret #5: Keep Your Plumbing Smooth

Simple maintenance and preventative care can really save you tons of money on your plumbing.

Interestingly, many homeowners don’t even know the simplest of these tips.

  • Don’t flush hair or floss down the toilet. It will lead to an awfully plugged toilet and a visit from your plumber.

  • Keep up on drain maintenance with baking soda and vinegar once a month. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals as they are bad for the environment and corrosive on your pipes.

  • Don’t mistreat your drains. Along with not throwing hair and floss into your pipes, never pour hot oil or grease down your kitchen drains or toilets. Too many homeowners have made this mistake. It will harden down there and eventually build up over time to a very bad clog and a costly fix. Also, treat your garbage disposal properly and follow the guidelines. Bones, fruit pits, celery, etc. are not going to be nice to your disposal or your wallet.

  • Check for leaks and get them fixed quickly. Even a small leak can lead to an extra $100/year and 15 gallons a day of wasted water. Check your toilet for leaks too. Pour some food coloring into your toilet bowl. If the color seeps into the bowl in 10-15 min, you need a plumber to come fix a leak before it creates more problems. Same with gurgling toilets or toilets with water damage around the covered water pipes. This indicates there is a bigger internal problem that’s probably going to end in costly broken pipes. Get it fixed sooner rather than later.

Keep up on these pipe tips, and you’ll be acting preventatively and saving a lot of money down the road.

Secret #6: Maintain The Roof Over Your Head


There are two big reasons to keep your roof maintained and healthy: leaks that get explosively expensive and insulation.

It’s recommended you get your roof checked out yearly for damage, leaks, etc. Small and inexpensive fixes can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Professional inspections are always a good idea since a professional eye can spot sneaky hidden leaks—catching them before they become a full-on cave-in or severe water damage.

And insulation…if you have poor quality materials, shingles that aren’t right for your environment, and poor insulation, a quarter of your heat will be lost through the roof. That is a ton of money floating away.  

Roofers know exactly what material is best for your roof and the climate you live in. They also have extensive experience with fixing and installing roofs, so already their work is going to be better quality.

Oh, and were warranties mentioned? Warranties mean quality work and material or your money back.

Secret #7: Get Solar Already!

Solar is a winning feature for homeowners to save money, be more efficient, and upgrade their home.

Many people think that solar is inefficient or too expensive. While that was maybe true 30 years ago, solar is now more efficient and affordable than ever.

Solar power systems can save homeowners thousands of dollars on energy costs. It also gives homeowners more independence from their local utility grid and extreme energy cost fluctuations.

There are many ways to finance your own solar power system today.

You can buy them outright, lease them from a company, get a solar loan, or use the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program. Many solar companies offer a few different payment options to fit your individual financial and energy needs.

The important thing is that you take advantage of the solar tax incentive before it goes down in 2019.

This solar incentive allows you to take 30% off your solar installation costs.

Your solar professional can give you excellent tips on improving your energy efficiency. They can adequately analyze how much money you’d save with your own solar power system.

Talk to your solar professional today about which type of solar power system will save you thousands today.

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